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Hi, Edie. 
A pic of Belz is  attached to this post. 
As you know from Willie, I had a power surge temporarily knock out the plug-in part of my Magrav so that there was no power going thru the device and, hence no power going thru to the plug outlets.
It wasn't actually a surge. I tried to bring 2 extension cords from Belz to my work station across the room so that I could have the energy run through my wifi/router/computer equipment too. But as soon as I plugged in the furthest extension cord into the wall, it blew the wall plug next to the refrigerator that my Belz was on top of and plugged into.

I let Belz sit unplugged for about 3 weeks until Willie could come over and help me replace Belz'  power   strip, then plugged it in again and it passed electricity through again. 
I thought for sure that it wasn't working because of the surge that knocked out the power but I can't remember if I moved it to another outlet that did have power when I tested it. I was so concerned about getting the power back in the house.
In any event, it worked again so I moved it to my desk so it sits about 3 feet from me most of the time! :)
FYI, I'll be writing up an initial report on my use of CO2 GANS soon and send you a copy.
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  • Edie Lee
    Edie Lee Thanks Fay for posting it. Boy I forget how beautiful they are. And that Crystal is amazing. How is the water going?
    April 30, 2017