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    • July 14, 2019 10:57 PM CEST
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      UN Military Court assessment

      Dear friends and colleagues,


      I have been mentioned by Mehran Keshe many times on the foundation's Knowledge Seeker's Workshops, usually by my artistic name: Myrus. My scientific work and theoris are well known to Mr Keshe and thousands of others in civilian and military science around the world. It is true that ASIRA (and many other magnetic gravitational craft) is under my operation and that the parameters of such craft include trans-temporal effectiveness: many records and accounts of their operation in WWII exist and Kofi Annan left important writing about these realities which include present and ongoing war-time operations. Despite my international military recognition we are assaulted every single day in Ireland in a hideous torture scam which includes the known murder and distribution of snuff porn by Irish government agents as they seek to completely isolate my life and to destroy the lives of others working with justice and new scientific frontiers. The Keshe Foundation is a central player in this covert war which certainly amounts to WWIII: this is not new to the world's population, only how we are discussing this public disintegration and de-moralization of all the world's military and official justice and government administration as human rights respect is violated in favour of public audible brain-washing and completely illegal 'human camera future recording' (a possibility known during WWII and also central in the Serbian conflict). The document below is a letter to Mehran Keshe regarding my situation which is that of a public hostage: I am posting it here a pre-cursor and background to a major disclosure and my official assessment of the Keshe Foundation's role in the proliferation of torture broadcasting technology, the misuse and misinterpretation of Keshe technology and assaults on the foundation itself. Since writing the letter below which was sent while starving in North Africa, barely able to afford a €4 hotel, a €350,000 UN salary stolen and embezzled and still having to report further attempts on my life...the body of Swiss woman was unearthed beside my Irish parents (adopted) home: she was reportedly working with foundation's technology and there are credible reports of the video of her assault and murder being hosted on the internet. This case is very disturbing but extremely important for if anyone wants to understand our way out of a hideous, sad and unnecessary war (major casualities...we are talking far more casualities than you propably imagine) including major bio-terrorism that has destabilized the Irish and European economy nearly entirely. There have been further discoveries of corpes linked to the terrorist and criminal war I was hired to investigate and oppose: they are mostly female, some were close friends and corpse is understood to be that of a Royal Air Force pilot In the pending disclosure and assessment will be some grim reading but also confirmed internationally acknowledgements of the reality of the true New Era space program. We are opposing the vicious and abusive criminal war by advanced space technology but it is not operated by anyone in the Keshe Foundation or Spaceship Institute and my upcoming document is in part to forward their non-involvement for discussion and what implications exist for the foundation.

      We are the Commander of the Fleets referred to by Queen Elizabeth in her 2013 address to diplomats and Michael D Higgins in Ireland while I was being held unlawfully by proven child killers operating under the auspices of the Irish State. Among our scientific achievements are the donation of some well known terminology in military science and broadcasting: "Ashur" is my term as is "W'ilhee-B'ha" which was discussed extensively in one of Mehran workshops (with credit to his understanding and insight actually). The state of the society around us has consistently disintegrated since the time of writing this and returning to Ireland without any means provided by anyone either wishing to colaborate with us, benefiting from our technology and understanding or owing court fees and compensation to us. It is very very significant what is going on in our life and what is not being done by any alleged civil society around us. The document below, as well as containing a Habeas Corpus and description of horiffic abuse and violence around us also includes some reference to my scientific aspirations and achievements: please remember, we are Steven Windsor - the center of all that society pretends is not necessary for discussion: known contact and plain evidence of inter-stellar intervention. The largest underground movie industry in the world as well the basis for thousands upon thousands of lies by ex-military thieves, is based on the recording of my own human vision: yes, all that movie is my life and Miley Cyrus is my wife. We are the Space Program and we are not in the slightest way happy with our treatment by all society in this unfolding gruesome war on dignity. Our investigations document such unforgiveable failings of society, intolerable human rights abuse, property fraud and human slavery. Please remember as well we one of the world's greatest guitarists and one of many people's favorite songwriters ( live in a daily convict brigade with psychopaths, molesters and child killer's released from Irish, British and international jails with instructions to inflict as much abuse and criminal obstruction as possible: I have lost everything in my life - we still serve the United Nations with risk to our life every day, providing the most pivitol anti-terrorist intelligence in the entire world: every single American president knows our work and the Queen personally appointed us to one of the most senior British military positions as well. You have an opportunity to assess all your delusions and failures in understanding my work now: there are international lawful implications with the release of my intelligence - we expect cross-societal change and immediate addressing of ongoing injustices.

      Thank you,

      Stephen Gaughan/Steven Windsor


      Document: Letter to Mehran Keshe, UN and international leaders from December 2018 while seeking refuge in Morocco.




      To: the Keshe Foundation, the Universal Council, the United Nations, the British Royal Family, the Pentagon, the Kremlin, Ayatolah Khomeini, Chinese Presidency, the BBC and Miley Cyrus.


      This is an extremely important document we all need to take heed of very carefully. Evidenced and in fact well foreknown is a progressing societal disintergration that if not adressed yields clear liability in negligence. In lawful response is the rising tide of necessary constitutional anarchism and the covert dangers that begets: there are preferable alternatives when justice is not hiding.


      This letter contains a habeas corpus pertaining to the gruesome and prolonged conditions of torture and deprivation that has been inflicted upon me by criminals evidenced on the Fool's Game. My bank account number is contained here for obvious reasons and particular obligations. I do not expect any more negligence, it is obvious where obligations lie and for the most part they are of perpetrators named within the body of the text: however there are obligations with the United Nations to ensure justice happens...immediately. I am writing to Mehran Keshe specifically but I am also addressing all world leaders and towards the letter's closing I am addressing perpetrators, sarcastically perhaps, but very seriously. I do not have contact for all those listed above but I expect that you will share this most important of international communications among and maintain informed and up to date discussion among yourselves. This is gruesome reading describing a situation that has seen progressive negligence tear society apart and now has us in a situation of overt international war, which includes numerous bomb threats, a very deluded, violent and growing mob of bio-terrorists and likely thousands of fatalities. It is very avoidable and that is the basic provision aluded to above along with a cesation of remote torture practices centred around the 'time movie': the vile assault of a UN official, MaGrav pilot and of course Miley Cyrus as well. Bear in mind that over the course of writing as essentially a refugee under daily assault I was awaiting a miniscule lodgement of cash from known and non co-operative perpetrators who owe far more: that was lodgings now paid and already provided...


      Recent supporting evidence is included on iCloud. There will be a major upload to WikiLeaks in the near future with a over a years worth writing to government and recorded evidence that appear completely ignored. This will inevitably form one of the most major indictements of international economic governance in the world. It is a legal certainty already applicable.


      Dear Mehran,


      My Messiah, my teacher and spiritual brother: I have arrived in Africa as someone renowned for your technology and a relationship with Miley Cyrus and the British Royal Family which might require a thesis to explain. What I acknowledge about them or vice versa seems irrelevant to the reality of a pauper come here with nothing – I write to you as a refugee come to Morocco from Europe. We all know the world has played a game with my life and those who should be imprisoned and stripped of title still offend the righteous with more than pretensions of status at United Nations. In my memory of my appointment as UN Military Court Investigative Official by Kofi Anan himself was also his recognition of ASIRA as official UN magnetic-gravitational craft for the protection of civilization and my future role as principle pilot. That Asira and in fact many other craft exist in ways the conventional consciousness cannot always grasp, we the ability for Mohans to continue terrestrial existence while operating MaGrav craft. The question for us is why tolerance of the relentless assault on our lives and particularly why the refusal to acknowlege evidence of gruesome attrocities?


      I have come here with absolutely nothing. Twice criminals destroyed my laboritories and threw me out of my home in Ireland, prefering the “hospital mob's” movie from their human camera they stalked and infected every day they could for over 4 years. The claims made of my person by Mary and Paraic Gaughan are completely bogus them being known for fraud, bio-terrorism, and prolonged poisoning in collaboration with the totally criminal Aloysius Ward of Mater Hospital Dublin whom are still sending child molesters after me with bottles of sick to “wart” showers and food I eat. Sometimes the details of my persecution are too grotesque and too oft I have written at length of the gravest repeated crimes imaginable to zero response. That the first acquantances of alleged senior UN personel implicated long ago (e.g. Mary Robinson: acquantances present at a 2-star hotel with a bottle of homemade sick, their intentions to infect and make malicious complaints against me already stated) can still follow my every move, their children trained in remote molestation depravity, their history of child abuse known, that they can still stalk me with their overt torture devices and 'heb delusion' disorder where they have convinced themselves that will be able to see and control starships through smelling someone elses dick and x-raying their target 24hrs a day with the global SatNav network, selling our human radio torture recorded music along with their snuff-porn and doing everything they can cause us brain damage while we practice and perform...that they can still do this is not what I wish to write about, again at length. It is simply indicative of deep discordance belieing the covert realities of international power.


      As much as the wicked who maintain the pretenses of an imposed deprivation may with brute force prevent salary and compensation to my person based on a refusal to acknowledge the realities of our starship program and also the fact that they have been seeking to record the future through the human apparatus itself, through torturous brain damaging radiation and an array of poisons, viruses, bacteria and dangerous nano-tech (them searching for lottery numbers they claim are acquired through torturing us) much as they may think a tendencey toward secrecey in senior military governance might prevent knowledge already common from yielding real waged recognition of my contribution to global peace and justice, plain evidence of prosecutable assault is now with Dutch police in respect to a campaign of bio-terrorism and a recorded bomb threat involving the manufacture of a “a pestilence bomb...for networking with An Garda Síochána” (alleged relative from Ireland identified along with Dennis O'Brien's daughter in a seperate recorded instance of conspiracy to defraud me at the same site of bio-terrorist assault: Mafkees hostel, Rotterdam). Although admissions of arrest and obligations to compensate were spoken by staff at the crime scene (one of three named sites in Rotterdam: hours of recordings referencing plain intent to infect me along with evidence of wider terrorist activities including human radio torture also from ROOM hostel while infected food was repeatadly sold to me by AN supermarket), I still await official response from police and I am unclear whether I must initiate private prosecutions though they have said they are taking my information seriously. It is certain I will have no help from Ireland or any alleged family in respect of court applications, those already named in respect to prolonged human torture and war crimes still playing the “hospital” card, claiming I need to “come home to get help” where they continue their sick exploitive charade of selling “Miley's husband's music” from their hospital camera, pretending I am someone else and that there is a game to “win my property” by impersonating me. I am expecting a lodgement from them of €250 in the next day or is already spent on accommadation and food at my lodgings until the end of the month and there is nothing I have after that. I left Ireland having recorded admissions of child killing by associates of the 'hospital mob' they claimed were for “tuning human radios”, close friends of MD Higgins' daughter also recorded plainly engaging in “heb torture” - the outlawed remote molestation practice they call “Miley Cyrus” whose name they repeat ad infinitum along with “acid” (this the official response of the regime to my being the actual elected president of Ireland). These efforts to deny me any sane society, opportunities or lawful recourse were persued ferociously in Holland as well to the extent that European citizenship itself was denied me as no prospect of any privacy, hygiene or clean food was available, thousands of people being instead obsessed with human torture and persecution, fed on their “hospital movie” where the opportunity to record yourself on a homeless man's catwalk while networking for child sex was exchanged in return for slander and contempt of my person. This is the greatest social disintegration of our day. I have written over 20,000 words in investigative intelligence and analysis which is with Miley Cyrus, much correspondence with MI5, responseless complaints to Irish politicians which included death threats and overt admissions of bio-assault by the Irish Mental Health Commissioner Susan Finnerty (“he's better off dead Stevie”...her carrying a “warted dead rat for his penis” – something it appears I was repeatedly sold in food at Killarney stores also recorded implicated in trafficking and terrorism).



      While I have been gathering this evidence and writing thousands of words fit for court about this scandal, I have been hunted every single day by an overtly violent mob: encouraged in Ireland also by the distribution of mint forgeries and the promotion of a psyche based on the most vile superstition related to molestation and infanticide. There is no Ireland anymore. While it appeared that “we'll put in back in hospital” child killing housemates Dennis Murphy and Sinéad McCarthy (who threatened me everyday with murder) were arrested (based on my evidence and that of other agents I recognise like myself as Official Irish Republican State Army: constitutional UN recognition) no admission is ever given to me, the state mob preferring to release hundreds of convicts particularly sex offenders in my vicinity. This has been my reality. I wrote to Prince William last Christmas of sleeping on a forest floor while trying to maintain a professional teaching practice, my clients selling their children for sex to another state psychopath Mary Gaughan had previously arranged to expose himself in front of me while waiting on a brain scan for severe migraines that appeared to relate to an artificial tumour plainly visible on scans but professionally denied. I was later set-up to live with this child killer and psychopath Richard Corrigan whose son injected me in my sleep with unspeakable toxins. They were selling my private life while poisoning and slandering me. Everywhere I went in Ireland I was assaulted by a mob impersonating “health care” peddling my creative work as a game of impersonation and stalking, repackaging food with poisons, infecting my scientific work, illegally evicting me again and again, all the while they offered “rights of care” as an excuse for exploiting concealed funds related to the national lottery and a central Dublin property which rightfully belongs to me: this appears to be Mary Gaughan's principle motive in coninuing their torture and what was essentially hostage keeping. There are other links with trafficking and Corrigan's child abuse and also official complaints against him by my former students of which I was never informed.


      I rarely know if my correspondence arrives, whether my emails are secure or how much impersonation is really going on, the ability to impersonate someone through a time movie being easy and the state standard practice with human video broadcasting from the future appears to be purely the set-up, intimidation and toxic assault of witnesses. The experience of knowing my music is renowned all over the world (that it has been performed by Bob Dylan, Pavorati and Miley Cyrus herself) yet the artist left with nothing: no opportunity to perform without any association from a sick human torture project. The experience of this while I live without a cent, again, another least this time in a kinder, respectful beyond words. At the same time I know thousands of euros of my musical instruments, audio equipment, artworks, laboritory, clothes and furniture were stolen by An Garda Síochána and so-called 'real' IRA terrorist Marcus McCabe (also of the hospital mob) and they offered this as reward for assaulting me with full complicity of P & M Gaughan. And that this is known to international investigation without any benefit or return of property... This is the most vile and decrepit treatment of anybody in the history of my state. There are perhaps millions of euros due to me, and while there is probably no one in Ireland that has done as much for justice and the protection of children than I have, I lose my job at the hotel following an anonymous notification to the department of justice of Nazi bio-terrorism following 6 months of “Miley Cyrus” torture broadcasting at the hotel where kitchen staff could feed you rat and semen without any chance of complaint.


      So where the United Nations appears as principally myself, the verdict on Ireland needs to be lawfully enforced: there is no Irish economy – it is a fraudulent attack on her neighbours and working class people which knowingly erodes the British pound by cross border dilution and that a principle source for dilution by mint forgeries appears as funding for the time movie through bogus welfare claims and fake lottery winnings. The involvement of the ECB and Nazi criminals including one claiming to be and commonly refered to as Der Fuhrer is known and recorded. From what I have witnessed it appears they have concealed millions in lottery winnings from not just me but anyone not producing child porn as they have sought to normalize that abuse into the most gruesome social degeneration ever known. Ireland now appears as the most dangerous place for children in world. In this growing and dangerous open air asylum young and old people began to find it purposeful to repeat the name “Miley Cyrus” everywhere in the most offensive contexts while they shouted “acid” in my face everywhere I went and bizarre public statements like “find his anus,” “smell his ass,” along with gross incitement to hatred by repeating “Muslim” everywhere as they thought they were recieveing some kind of spiritual advancement through a torture monument, members of the Irish rugby team having promoted a pay per comfort human radioactive environment magnetically linking people via SatNav to Dublin's Spire (with known risk of decapitation), CERN and a host of dangerours psytronic torture experiments. This is the Ireland I left, not a nation at all; a disgusting den of inequity, pestilence, exploitation, prejudice and crime...a shameful spectre requiring extraordinary immediate judicial review with the strongest international sanction and military enforcement. The country is a dangerous rougue state with a criminally insane leadership hell bent on concealing the most public Nazi human torture project of the modern day. In the face of such overt concealment, the propagation of moral duplicity and corruption is unavoidable decay with major consequences. In my testimony is documentation of the destruction soley for the “Fool's Game” of our agricultural economy as An Garda Síochána, health and agricultural ministers, even Higgin's sectretary herself stalked 4 years of our shopping with an increasingly dangerous array of toxins and weaponized disease (so they could “get Myrus with an infection...and then Miley won't marry him”). It is campaign known to include the attempted manufacture of Bovine HIV... It appears to have spread as a nauscious infection across a sizeable portion of dairy products (German products also seem affected in this gross, predicted and forewarned outbreak resulting from the Nazi's insistence on feeding infections to those whom they called “the Fodder”: the artists, independent scientists, activists and any journalists who dared open their mouth about us (you and me) particularly. While the criminal status quo in Ireland may like to now blame me for damaging the economy (when previously the theft of our estate appeared as the foundation of the Irish ecomony (this was actually stated numerous times: “he gave all the money to the state”...for some insane game where everybody pretends I'm dead or bets on that eventuality in the future while bank managers and Mr O'Brien were regular lotto winners with links to international match fixers).


      The reality however is that a population became so superstitious, so obsessed with “getting on board the ships,” “taking his ships off him,” and torture practice designed to brain damage based on the most perverse masturbation practice (remember we are talking about a state-wide cult that was decaptitating children with the belief that this would help them “tune their radios”...which they say as your (or their's) testicles and that they could time travel out your ass or some such degenerate lunacy RTE news presenters would promote while radio stations called for “herping on 'Miley Cyrus'”), all with no lawful retort, no reminder of what is civil or constitutional. In this environment where degeneracy based on offensive proclivity was a national promotional standard, nobody knew or cared for the ramifications of their heinous acts. Nobody knew the basic hygeine in factory production or the dangers in dairy contaminants or the purpose of basic sterilisation processes: sodium bicarbonate had already been widely replaced with herpes and a suspected form of strontium while on a number of occassions hydrogen peroxide I bought was contaminated with human schmegme, similarly iodine...the cult seeing it necessary to continually expose me to their own human waste fluids finding ample opportunity to commit such infection in the state future stalking production to leave no sanitary existence at all for their target. They were obsessed with the human video recording of our GANS experiments, which they believed was all “acid” and made a particular effort at repeatedly infecting these. I've seen and heard it all: std clinics producing what they understood to be weaponised syphilus, gonorhea, AIDs, infecting sanitary inspection gloves so they “could get him when he comes in homeless.” All this planned on the forum of the illegal sharing of our private life...sometimes years in advance, in a cultural scene that regularly performed my music, quoted my writing and offended our science without retort, apology or recompense. Our music was released as somebody else's time and time again as they sought to obscure and cover-up our life. Invariably this would be a dead person as they sought to excuse all copyright infringement.


      Their time movie has often produced total fiction let alone purposeful deception and on a number of occassions it has depicted me as dead: this always seems to lead to a climate where no rights or recourse is available to us, as the corrupt and criminally insane become feverishly certain they will be able to claim all our property and creative rights while increasingly total denial of any honest civil service. “Putting us in hospital” became an international future stalking game that has plagued our life and destroyed nearly every single friendship we have. The industry based on torture recording from the human apparatus continues with no benefit to my person whatsoever: it appears as the biggest movie industry in the world. I have not gleaned one cent from it. I live as I told you with €20 in my wallet, €250 expected but already spent on a room here until the end of the month. There is no other income available to me. I cannot afford medicines or regular communication. Thousands of euros of my property are vanished fully known to the state while war criminals from the Aloysius Ward continue to roam the world with their pestilence and torture promotion, their state salaries intact and a network of obviously funded bio-terrorists boarding planes with unimaginable toxins and viruses.


      It is time for the world to come to terms with this life. Where they could not understand us, the path to enlightenment is obviously not exclusion, derision and persecution. There is nothing I claim in my power that is not scientific, potentially democratic, adjudicable. Nonetheless the clear proofs of our global program are now so obvious the culture of denying them is almost gone but in it's place is a dangerous delusion where we allow alleged and bogus realities continue as national narattives and the population learns torture and deception as product and purpose...morally void and socially disqualified, though perversely indulged. And so it is with the Ireland that persecuted Steven Windsor, that saw only covert purpose in acquiring “his ships” and that they could run around pretending it all a fiction while a stock market index grows from positions relative to the time movie and the state builds possibly the worlds biggest torture apparatus (not the Spire in this case) in Haughey's day claiming it to be an instrument of economic prediction: it's a still functional torture machine designed to cause relentless torture by directed human radioactive interference. In closing this section, I see myself again writing thousands of words of horror, wondering how many hours I have done this over the past four years, oft with only pen and paper, homeless and busking on the streets for the night's shelter, still an attraction to mark on a GPS map, famous for having nothing.


      And what convenience for senior military to analyze from our head the motion of energy as warships sank upon human thought: what proof they are looking for is of tangibility already known since Pauli or spiritual eternity yet what proof of society they offer is none but shame. How the world is tolerating what is rotten and renowned: there is a moral intervention now that is one of the single most essential priorities in international leadership as the situation in Ireland demonstrates the terrifying risk of Nazi social manipulation leaving a three generations scarred and deranged, having fostered and by many media and wealthy appearances still endorses a police force which threatens World War III by manufacturing pestilence bombs in profileration of their child porn racket. Yet the answer to this dilema is so plainly simple: public justice; visible and tangible reprecusions for felony; obligations to pay, enforcement and time in jail. Why the world must continue to deny what it openly admits everywhere else except to my person: because the shame of admittance to torture and exploitation of a prophet or the shame of self realisation that in the face of heaven granted they chose to wallow in their own filth, indulging a demented perversion instead of scientific enlightenment. And what prospects for social enlightenment in an environment where persecution is orchestrated to the most visble public gratuitous violence that is the participation in the “Fool's Game” by overtly criminal remote molesters? All these people need to pay me directly. Alleged justice officials have known for a long time, years in fact, the culpability of perpetrators yet continuously through their justice processes facilitated the cover-up of these crimes to my person: arrests would be made, obligations known, yet the prospect of losing their movie about “putting a guy in hospital”...(because they didn't want him to marry his wife and thought they could “win Keshe tech and be allowed on board Star Destroyers: this is an official widespread delusion in Ireland. An a priori position emerged for them which was the pretense that nothing criminal could ever be happening in our life. If a store were closed for known poisoning, it would be guaranteed open again specifically for our arrival as if nothing ever happened, the staff out on covert parole...and so my life as an unpaid parole officer for the past two years, meeting nobody but the convicted psychopaths posing as a state, me taking notes on their behaviour, allerting authorities to their trafficking, threats, and poisonings while they tried to scam my life in everyway possible, almost every single criminal in my company for the past two years making plans to sell my guitar electric guitar already stolen and offered by Criminal Assets Bureau as a prize for my impersonation. Every single report I made, filmed by extraordinary human video surveillance (in the future) always shared by the 'hospital mob' (which grew to include an so-called army superstitiously trained in “toe-wanking” remote mosestation and possession) with the very perpetrators I was reporting, so as to cause further endangerment and massive advance afforts to discredit my testimony. You see, as I'm sure you already know, in the state movie I am always my own impersonator with bogus authorities following a tired and predictable protocol of advance stalking where an impersonator turns up beforehand with your story claiming to be you and repeating the same old story about “that guy was in hospital.” They all think this is the route to winning lottery numbers and that if you “toe-wank” hard enough; and make sure all you're permanently broadcasting giga-bytes of bio-metric data through and with our earthly body, further 'winning numbers' will arrive from someone else's anus. This became a raison d'etre in Ireland: prior to my leaving the country conventional radio was at times nothing but insuations based on the “Fool's Game,” repeated obscure and offensive references to Miley Cyrus without a single play of her music and her website blacked out while hordes of 'tourists' stalked me (often of a curious brand of new Hollywood pedophile seeming to find regular roles displaying violence against women and eventually open discussion of herping on second rate celebrity cook shows). So Ireland became a veritable war zone with thousands of people crossing the border to our territory to commit violence: to play their little toe-wanking game where the distinct and strong neurophysiological effects of bio-metric broadcasting through Dublin's Spire and it's related cellular torture network (which appears to include CERN as well) is mistaken as them having their “radios” tuned so they could then shout “Muslim” at you all day...them thinking this was their enlightenment, that they could hear the most brutal and repetetive human radio efforts of Milosivich and co. (harboured in Ireland with many henchmen from the Bosnian conflict stalking me through hostels) giving voice to skull instructions to shout “acid.” I learnt a little about their systems which were essentially operating through my own body as a signal inverter so that as much brain damage as possible would be caused to me and create a permanent interference with my own bio-magnetic signal. The “Miley Cyrus” signal is part of this extremely public torture broadcasting fiasco and I have much documentation of it and some analysis written: from my understanding it is electron beam technology designed to severely limit human radio capacity and essentialy comodify the privilege of human radio ability. Often audible when individuals know how to trigger it, it's predecessor was a “Mein Fuhrer” signal. Combined with the Spire in Dublin (and other illegal broadcasting practices and apparati) it causes major neurological harm and according to one British agent involved in 'directing' their public torture movie, the audible clicks regularly produced from my skull as I would try to rebalance sensations in brain hemispheres became a principle purpose in the Garda Síochána movie – i.e. making our skull crack by loading further nodes and signal strength through our body. Them having filmed our work with your technology (which was often to develop remedy and defense against their systems) became obsessed with it as means of torture: where they saw GANS production with copper coils and consumption of food GANS they saw purpose in wiring dead rat and jars of herpes through their Nazi torture this eventually came to the seemingly popular belief that infanticide would “tune their future radios” I can't say, but it is documented and proven as a central government obsession. This gruesome reality actually has worse side with verifiable reports of an murder factory processing the corpses of infants into human food. I have written to MI5 about this also with a reasoning for non-disclosure: Marcus McCabe is prime perpetrator and I have his confession that he was responsible for the bombing of your Northern Ireland facilities. This was who arrived to evict me from my home in Dublin 2 and put my property up for auction as I was left homeless or exploited on their 'voluntary labor' as phoney psychiatric care circuit for two years.


      Their are now friends of the Robinson's at the Amazigh guesthouse where I am staying who can barley keep their human radio obsession to themselves as they discuss various remote molestation practices over your dinner and music performance: they are carrying significant psytronic weaponry and a bottle of infection, having repeatedly stated their intention to infect our food. The son in their company has previously confessed to an obsession with torturing Sallay Garnett also, another musician and Mohan by my own documented and celebrated visions. They were present in Killarney recently where I was working and are also acquaintances of Danny Gaughan (brother in law to ex-parlimentarian Mary Wallace), known child abuser, suspected serial killer. They make repeated references to “calling the hospital,” “calling the Gardaí” etc.: their sole motive here is stalking and indulging their torture obsessions. The same goes for five other guests who have passed through here since my arrival: all stalkers and child abusers. The time that I might ever meet someone non-prejudiced by this grotesque assault seems long past, and I appear now as perhaps the most famous person in the world, certainly the most obsessed over asides from Miley Cyrus herself. Yet not one cent in benefit, compensation or basic opportunity. And no matter how persistently miraculous my intervention in civilization for peace and responsible military, the continuance of phoney governance that impersonates my every move and inclination is guaranteed and with it a pervasive ingnorance so blasphemous and offensive the worlds education system now requires a massive overhaul: a reconnaissance of morality, spirituality and practical economics too as self selection for erradication emerged as the only logical conclusion in their “Fool's Game.”


      I did not intend to write so much about my difficulties and I understand you are aware of my situation from a number of sources including our own technology. I hope I do not cause too much stress and sorrow in my description, it is only my intention to offer a realistic summary of this shameful materialization of official response to the greatest military and scientific achievements known to man. I hope this information is still useful to the Foundations intelligence and own judicial positions. I hope you may it benefitial to continue reading and I will turn to more positive descriptions below. I hope also you find interest in my interpretations of your technology and I wish to outline a development plan for my future with MaGrav technolgy and a life in Africa which I wish to begin. I recall discussion from your workshops that it was possible to protect potential patents involved in the time movie and I certainly hope that is the case. It has been a rather disheartening experience to realize always that dishonorable and should be ex-military have always had the benefit of this movie to steal and use what they please, to know that every realisation, revelation, insight I would have, often from deep spiritual communion or repeated genius becomes exploited and stripped of credit or misused. When and how this phoney society that built itself on the piracy of our lives will be dismantled is I hope, being answered as I write.


      My recent life has seen a total and radical evolution of human society I have in many ways single-handedly spear-headed. I am considered the leader of a number of global revolutionary organisations and movements. Audible human radio broadcasts announced our technology and ships across the entire globe, without speakers or microphones. More often than not this was simply myself lying silently in bed, simultaneously existing as star-beings, comprehending and processing the fabric of the universe in an instant to bring the miracles of our work and the glory of creation to fruition. I will endevour to write more of these achievements for you and our supporters soon. Given the opposition I have faced and the monitoring of every single brain wave where each telekinetic development of my consciousness and ability to interact psychosomatically with digital technology would be processed and essentially stolen or every effort made to “shut down his powers,” it is nothing short of miraculous on so many levels what I have achieved. We remember a tendencey and purpose in the “Fool's Game” was bio-magnetically linking oneself to me, with the purpose being to cause maximum discomfort and brain-damage to me (Miley Cyrus also and other targets, you are probably aware yourself of these assaults): they had at their hands technology which could in some circumstances very accurately read a persons thoughts (often out-loud) in an environment where everyone was trained and encouraged to slander and exclude...that I was capable of any private thought at all is miraculous in itself but such an onslaught to the enlightened to also have relentless voice to skull interruption of silent contemplation. How much neuroscienctific biometric development has benefited from my life and this illegal, out of control experiment is a very important question for prosecution and recuperation. That an entire criminal society, quite well listed on the hundreds of bio-metric bluetooth and wifi functions hidden on prepared laptop for the hospital mobs specimen stalking game could continue without even providing their guinea pig the most meagre existence of study and creativity, with so much foreknowledge of impending disaster and gross human rights abuse is an important analysis for justice and restoration. That I maintained a functional consciousness at all during this onslaught is a miracle itself and few if any know truly the achievements of this mind...I have essentially developed infinitely expansive systems of consciousness, with omnipotence appearing tangible at times in light of God.


      One final and current report of conflict I wish to put forward for international investigation is the situation at the mosque here in Ifri: the 'french' (possibly Irish with fake passports) couple appear to have provided the Imam weaponized wart for 'absolution,' i.e. Washing of one's private parts prior to entry for Friday evening's salah. The Imam was present in Killarney with a bogus mosque there which was trafficking children for ISIS. He was also present in Dublin some years ago when he met David Gaughan (possibly a correspondent of Brevik: Scandinavian neo-Nazi murderer, from partial recollection of British intelligence), where they discussed assault and obstruction for the time movie. Further conspiracy from these people includes a catholic priest (most likely the Opus Dei member referred to in Murphy and McCarthy's admission of child killing) and Fintin Gaughan describing setting up this mosque with bio-weapons. ISIS have emerged as an international trafficking operation determined to keep their time movie going no matter what cost: a movie they have described themselves as being about trafficking and torturing witnesses. MD Higgins is their logical international leader unless you choose to include Merkle's overt positions against me, as European ISIS: Higgins however, appears with the most vested interest and conspiracy to torture. Twice they have tried to actually hide Islam from me twice, that in my spiritual growth instead of being welcomed by believers recognizing our prophethood and knowing the obvious clear proofs thereof, and learning further truths and guarded knowledge of Islam, we are instead faced with fanatical effort to hide reality and portray instead a Nazi-Vatican spectacle of insolence, ingnorance, abuse and lies where this dangerous and deluded Imam plays his 'toe-wanking' game now with wart washed over the face and genitalia of 'worshipers'. They have just been shouting nonsense for the past hour from the mosque, which included my Irish name and “hare krishna, hare krishna.” It smacks of McIlroy and the Irish rugby brigade again whose plans with An Garda Síochána included setting themselves up in Ourzazate to irradiate the Moroccan people further and if they could get away with, add pork to minced lamb. Of course all the Irish alleged justice system has been saying is that I am not Steven Windsor; I simply impersonate all events in the time movie (their own child snuff porn network); need to be put in hospital (that's how you get up to the ships which they're going to hack out of my head by someone like to the phoney Imam toe-wanking your wart so as to acquire as David Gaughan instructed him, “his sword,” off him: a sometimes vague apparition on their human camera video as we try to find comfortable sleep with clothes liced from the same encouraged criminals.


      If you were able to offer any assistance in bringing this local situation to official investigation would be highly appreciated. In the broader architecture of this mob the alleged Bahai church in Dublin are very important whose head I identify as impersonating a weapons inspector after the Gulf War. They have simply being shipping Sadam Hussein's bioweapons...which are still produced, apparently in India by my informed opinion.


      I have had no life for the past four years: all my friends know that a pestillence mob follows me everywhere. There have been so many threats, exclusions from performing amidst massive global piracy and while some of my poetry has entered the popular imagination like none since Wordsworth, I was short on paper last christmas...essentially begging to afford a hostel in Killarney where porn stars would turn up to shout “herpes” and “Miley Cyrus” in our face, assumably acquiring their “future cartoons” from the nearest pedo-cop. The porn industry itself displayed the most vulgar and disgraceful behaviour (particularly Hustler) with repeated non-sensical blurts of “Miley Cyrus” in every single scene I watched, the presumed motive being their participation in Higgins torture movie where the “Miley Cyrus” signal was allegedly presented as a “way of getting into his head.”


      The obsession with stopping our life by senior disgraced leaders most still bearing official titles and salaries must stop. Time is well past where we can pretend to look upon honorable institutions and not see them maneuvoring conceitedly around torture and exploitation. Official and acknowledged reality has become so removed from scientific fact and public knowledge: the game is over for the deceitful and our further tolerance of them appears increasingly as foolish mercy. It is my position, which perhaps is needless to say, that all stays on execution warrants for the traffickers are removed. The human consciousness, as it appears in Europe has receded drastically with this experiment: it is a level of delusion barely comprehensible to the rational and ethical mind.


      Yet ASIRA rises as does Africa, her prophecy undeniable now, her people showing more civilisation, compassion and justice than all of Europe left scrambling for a little lotto game as everyone realises the currency is fake and corrupted while investment in African currency brings the promise of civility, sanity and health. Those who propagate the pestilence and torture, those now setting out to “feed a dead child to everyone in the Riptide” must be shut down ruthlessly here in Morocco before there is furhter disintegration and risk to global health. They are caught internationally: the evidence is already presented and it is irrefutable. No further mercy should be shown to them and no more posturing and staging tolerated for their sick movie.


      At this crossroads where law and order in some parts has gone into hiding, the United Nations now appears as an Anarchist collective, with a necessary discharging to be imposed across the world's military for all those who propagated the infringement of human rights, torture and creative theft that is the time movie. These people cannot serve in any military: they have proven themselves far too stupid, gratuitously destroying an innocent persons life believing they could acquire your technology through crime...all the while everything you have thought was freely available to all. Everything I can teach only requires the provision of most basic standards of living, respect and social contract: fortunatley, by the grace of G-d I see those prospects in Africa though not without defense and foresight. This country appears to provide such quite honorably.


      In asking for your help Mehran, we both know there are so many obliged to compensate not just me, but you and Miley Cyrus also: I have heard and find it credible that €500,000 euro from national lottery winnings due to me has been invested in the torture movie. It is my wish to stay here in eastern Morocco: I have sought only €10,000 from Mafkees hostel, Rotterdam for their role in attempted lifelong infection and a social exclusion racket that essentially denied me European citizenship (Dennis O'Brien's daughter caught in conspiracy on audio recording and photo-identification). The case is proven as far as I am concerned and there appeared to be arrests yet I was faced with what looked like a police impersonator on my second visit to the station falsely claiming I had not made an appointment and that they knew nothing about my case when delivering a number of poison samples to Doelwater Politie, Rotterdam. I am still waiting on news...with no means beyond a week, hoping only that I may be welcome to work on the farmland here for December's lodgings. I have written to the royals in Britain, I have submitted evidence and testimony to the International Court of Justice, I have found every Irish politician implicated in this outrage, never any official respone from British intelligence, though arrests do appear to have been made by them on a number of occassions. I have contacted the BBC, submitted much evidence to the FBI, Interpol, Metropolitan police...everyone knows my story,: it has appeared as the single biggest obsession in the world today, a more common public conversation in Ireland and the Nederlands than anything else for well over a year. While it appears that very positive announcements have been made about my presence in Morocco by national television and radio (there is a radically different attitude to the “Fool's Game” here and I remember kind acquaintance with the King), there is nothing that materializes to any subsistence or sign that officialdom will acknowledge what is so publicly known about me.


      I am living with kind and informed people at present however and that counts for much: certainly there is opportunity for me to integrate positively with this society and create a dignified existence for myself provided there is European justice with a full crackdown on the psytronic torture and bio-terrorism of the “Fool's Game.” I have just this morning at the time of writing, recorded another admission to child killing by the alleged French couple (further convinced now they are in fact Irish, speaking a bizarre broken French more accustomed to their remote molestation references than common polite conversation). The older male in their company has just stated “les enfants, tu morte” to his partner - “the children you kill”: this is recorded. Later they mentioned again “tuning (my) heb” and “An Garda Síochána”. Wherever these people are going or doing back in Europe they need to bring with them a strong reminder for all in their cult that the stalking and harassment of political targets is the most dangerous, stupid and potentially fatal thing they can do: there must be real and reported reprecussions for their grotesque crimes. They should be sued for all they own: they have attempted to give us a lifelong infection, knowing full well that we came here with zero finances, a refugee already having been the target of biological assault: they have not hid anything about their motives or co-conspirators. They only carried a disgusting presumption that I was at the mercy of bogus medical opinion originating from their own child killing cult, now once again audio recorded. To make it clear again, these people are associates of my Irish 'family': I have met them before planning this assault many years ago – I cannot accept the further refusal to compensate by these criminals. They should be obliged to make immediate cash lodgements to my account and the charade of pretending reality is not, should be terminated with lawful sanction: it is not only overtly cruel but represents persistent purposeful endangerment. In final summary of this vile abuse, it should be noted that the office of MD Higgins is now well implicated a child killing cult with audio recordings of his daughter participating in the “heb torture” (expressed intent of major brain damage) with known murderers, directed against Miley Cyrus and I: the broader international campaign of assault and manipulation is plainly evident. There should be no more limitations to direct and immediate sanctions for they are threatening international war. Higgins should be standing before war crimes tribunal in Den Haag alongside his collaborators Milosovich, the Vatican, Nazi financiers and Saddam Hussein's terrorist network now exposed as ISIS with major European government and American ex-military co-conspirators. Their jagged little pill.


      I will outline some plans I have for the future with the development of your technology and attach some photographs if possible. It is my dream to study with you personally and I present below a business plan which, inch'allah could bring investment and funding for formal studies. This plan involves a number of potential patents both indepedent and relying on existing MaGrav patents. I see major international potential with very feasible global manufacturing processes which could bring significant income to developing communities. It is on the basis of these plans that I request preliminary funding and assistance to establish a small laboritory here in the Atlas mountains where I wish also to teach Keshe technology for agricultural and health applications: e.g. the use of GANS for enhancing irrigation and the production of GANS derived plant salts for market consumption. There is an olive farm here and I see significant potential in the development of marketable products from even pre-harvest windfall and the study of latent health benefits in that fruit. Working with your technology I discovered I had a natural ability and talent to unlock deep health benefits and further insight in organic remedies: a times I experience a communion with the plants themselves which guides my work to consistent success and innovation. There are a number of potential pharmeceutical patents from this work which appear to have been infringed upon by the hospital mob movie and I would like to see them sued for this: in Ireland they have committed such offence with purposeful derision to your work – it is a sickening shame what has happened in Ireland and I would seek major compensation for commercial sabotage.


      Before I submit my proposals for patenting I would like to know some security with basic tenure, funds for subsistence, health and an end to the hospital recording and harassment. I have been badly poisoned in Ireland with multiple substances including a distillation made from a dead, apparently warted, rat (Murphy, McCarthy and Finnerty all recorded with plain implications), viruses, bacteria and a very dangerous mold believed to be derived from irradiated human digestive fluids and waste. Seeking simple remedies in Ireland, where presentation before any public services brought repeatedly stated dangers of unlawful incarceration, I found whiskey to laced with mercury and heard of infection with massive quatities of experimental vaccines. Sodium bicarbonate, sodium chloride, hydrogen peroxide pure sugar, honey, often chocolate, beer, bread, clean vegetables and pulses were similarly impossible to find. I kept my health certainly with the power of our fields and crafts, and the power sheer of determination and a bio-spiritual feedback I have learnt with comprehension of the MaGrav. I do not think I have contracted any terminal infections despite many stated attempts to give us AIDS and syphillus. But I am finished writing about these travesties...I am only looking for meagre funds to re-establish a dignified existence, take a course of anti-biotics, some clean alcohol again (they were putting dog shit in our beer), borax, peroxide, sodium bicarbonate and hydroxide is all I need. There is peace and respect here.


      The first project I would like to develop involves a very simple innovation of a candle heater via an inverted clay pot involving an existing electronic patent with augmented efficiency by Keshe nano-coatings. It is an item that could be marketed all over the world and could foreseeably become a domestic standard with significant annular savings for a household, which may well even acquire multiple units. The production would be very feasible and economically beneficial for a country such as I am now living in. Also, over the course of say 10 years I would expect that consumers would keep themselves aware of upgraded models and designs, seeking further investment and donation to friends/resale. Given the simplicity of the design and also a number of potential fuel sources I can see a wide variety of production preferences making for a creative and diverse market with high class design and aesthetic options. Through experimentation with GANS clays and plastics I see a potential to elimate physical wiring in the product and variety of design innovations therein. I will offer more detailed description when I have a little more security here: it seems there is a hostile human radio system at the local mosque as well illegal broadcasting from 'tourist' perps.


      Also with GANS experimentation I wish to explore the production of potential fuel for said product: the creation/precipitation of oil which I appear to have had some encouraging success with when I set-up some methane GANS and food experiments on a hemp farm in Ireland. Again this work was lost but I have a strong recollection of processes and ingredients I used. This was during a time I was exploring the use of GANS to aid and program mycaenial compounds, through which I firmly believe I have achieved absolutely revolutionary medical success with a myriad of vast and diverse applications. I foresee a pharmeceutical bonanza once the criminally insane long listed above, are prosecuted and prevented from interfering with the lives of developers. I am preparing an introduction to my work for Pfizer and other pharmeceutical producers which will include an analysis of this market and the necessary enlightment of governance in consumption standards, for, this work has emerged from a necessity to build electromagnetic resilience and adaptibility in the modern environment, which is increasingly publicly becoming extra-sensorial with the enhanced communicative abilities of the modern telekinetic man. On one hand it is true that we are assaulted and face neurological danger in our contemporary electromagnetic environment, but on the other hand we are evolving augmented physical senses responsive to coherent electromagnetic broadcasting, be this between humans, the machine and human or vice versa. We have arrived at a tipping point where undisclosed acknowledgement of these contemporary realities is no longer possible: the dangers from ignorant proliferance of bogus underground “time movie” poisons as sensory upgrades is wretched and disgusting. This is an undeniable reality of contemporary biological self management that must be first addressed by obvious justice processes and then public education with wise regulation and governance. Many are aware of the assault on our digestive systems the aforementioned cult has proliferated: it is saddenning in the extreme for in our forced tolerance mass public poisonings we are losing huge market and consumer diversity, profit and sustainability. There is a definite public desire for safe intelligent additives and supplements which will strenghten not just our bodies and immune systems and ability to cope with electromagnetic stress but strengthen also our food economy. A brief survey of the 'positive' market today where your CNuCu GANS is sold as “BuckyBalls” against the coming 5G cellular broadcasting onslaught (Alfred Lambremont Weber's guest recently), leaves a considerable amount to be desired. I wish to lead the world in this field and know have more experience and insight here than perhaps anyone else in the world: I know full well the effects of 5G broadcasting since I have been the principle subject of an outrageous and illegal human experimentation therewith, by a criminally proven network including mobile servcie providers who have sought full neurological and physiological damage to me from the most advanced broadcasting practices available to them (Vodafone also implicated with Dennis O'Brien in the Fool's Game along with a despotic Irish camoflage costume brigade).

      [Document is continued in the comments]

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      There is only one way for society to evolve and respond to emerging electromagnetic realities and that is by overcoming our difficulties with rapid adaption involving intelligent and safe bio-magnetic integration. Despite the fact that 5G technology has been used to assault my mind and body everysingle day, there is not truly any sinister core to this next technological step for contemporary society. There is actually better capacity in my opinion for human co-existence in an environment of increasing data load and speed: there is also more potential to secure and encrypt the human radio apparatus in the 5G environment which as my understanding (soley from experiential insight) is based on a higher microwave herz carrier for FM transferrence. Yes, it does have the capacity to “go through you” more but it is also very feasible to tailor and correct this field for both human comfort and advanced human radio abilities which appear as perhaps the most coveted research at present for international military. I see your work in international MaGrav broadcasting as essential complementary technology for 5G future and, here in the Kingdom of Morocco it was the most beautiful experience to witness such broadcasting and a polulation proud of that embrace, openly celebrating “Keshe” fields on the streets. It is a powerful and beautiful field to interact and what civil encouragement to know that a government was taking such care for the environment of their citizens. We both know, having said something like publicly (or mob movie publicly) that we of course not invite but witness so predictably the scramble by the cabal to assault that network and so the story above goes on with the Irish fake French passports couple turning up with sine-wave inverters (to help you “smell my feet all evening” as he said to me, them having given wart to the mosque, rat poison on chick peas, sought child sex, spread mite dust, and probably helped set-up the human radio apparatus at the 'hare krishna call to prayer' mosque). Your field remains ever present like divinity itself and a little self awareness, reverence and training is all it takes to immerse oneself in it and feel the clarity of correct neurological and bio-magnetic balance again. Thank you Mehran, sincerely thank you and also my deep gratitude to this kingdom for clear progress and honor that is seen here.


      In the development of a necessary market for advanced and common bio-magnetic health we can expect a wide array of supplements and boutique specifications, the majority much lighter than nano-carbon like tailored and activated plants GANSs. What is officially available on the market today is a potentially dangerous psychiatric drug they call A1, which includes a light copper oxide. While there are benefits to a small amount of light copper oxide, in the long term it is probably too much if taken daily (they tried to poison with this at every opportunity) and the purpose of this drug is actually to active human radio switches: the corporate claim is that it “allows a doctor to know via wifi whether a patient has taken their medication or not. Behind the scenes there is a plethora of highly questionable software and developers seeking a huge amount of bio-metric information from drugs like this and others not so fully disclosed (even including the use of parasites); similarly the means of data acquisition machine end is spurious, unregulated and in my case, that of their guinea pig: was totally exploitive and far beyond cruel. The producers behind that drug are certainly open to prosecution from collaboration with Aloysius Ward and as I said ealier, documentation of non-consentual, hidden bio-metric software from this very laptop running linux network analysis (WireShark app). It includes a huge list of bluetooth applications linked to human body parts and functions: everything from heart, blood pressure, jaw-bone, feet, 'eye-fi', ect. In reality it seemed there was often far less productive measurement than blatant forcing of gigabytes of information through the humuan body with a massively magnified SatNav distributed signal. They did not really have a clue about technological progress and engineering development: they were only seeking to cause as much pain, discomfort and hinderance to our space program as possible. This is world-wide problem with distinctly different national and cultural perspectives. Again, I feel as one of the single most informed people in this field and the ideal person to lead the way into the future as we remedy and advance this contemporary reality. I have deep understanding of the Arab and Asian perspectives on the human radio capacity and a sincere respect for it's self evident spiritual realities. This is in contrast with what is the worst case of scientific and medical ethical failings of modern day where, still obsessed with their torture movie take every opportunity to issue remote molestation instructions from television, radio, youtube, even your 'friends' phonecalls as the 'toe-wanking' obsession takes over all rational purpose: a veritable herd of developers and mindless human radio perverts wait on the other end of my broadcast life every single day, all of them excluding their enterprises or alleged military facilities from any lawful investment as they prove themselves gratuitous and insane torturers. Countless were the number of songs about and songs adjusted to be about their torture game: they were singing about “Miley's heb” repeatedly on radio in Ireland, particularly supermarket stores where child trafficking assisted by a torture radio system was standard. Again, what I wrote about executions is very important and we know I am not in minority stating that. When I wonder about the motives of those artists who took to recording such drivel and offense, Vatican representatives again come to my memory as conspirators in creating this lowest and disgusting artistic exclusion. The waste of consciousness their 'movie' (i.e. lifelong torture and exploitation project hopefully ending in my death) represents is staggering. Europe has a lot to learn from Africa and the East in handling this affair before we even begin to discuss the prophetic aspects of it. I will be writing on these matters in the future as well as speaking publicly about the starship program: I am not afraid to discuss the Coova either...and this point is particularly important to the ethics and moral of the United Nations, that, in the provision of an essential international, democratic service, not one scrap of sanctity is offered the provider? That the world is allowing us to live in continual destitution while the globe benefits endlessly from my power? It is a situation that only and inevitably extends the Coova to the increasingly stupid. That all the world's alleged authorities could find the only solution (the reality is that they never looked except to gasp at red and black flags appearing all over the earth's military hologram) to multiple pandemics resulting from the mass manufacture of weaponized viruses, bacteria and parasites (in pill form, packaged and shipped by the thousands)...the only solution in the MaGravitic teleportation of these weapons directly into the bodies of the “Fool's Game” perpetrators. This again, is daily and nightly service, lawful and obligatory decommissioning for the most beneficial democratic results: as astounding and justly poetic as these feats of our technology are, the situation lacks obvious conventional and essential justice measures for the public good, i.e shutting down their laboratories, distribution networks and arresting, executing and exposing the principle perpetrators in the international press. The life of contemporary youth has been so assaulted by this wicked game the memories of popular western culture where we attended festivals, discovered psychedilics, maybe joined a band or worked for a social cause, went to parties playing orignal music that didn't referrence the same persons punaan, had good times, respected romance both liberal and faithful, bought a few ecstacy tablets, matured with a sense of why it was worth feeling happy and seeking the same for your friends is vanished: the society that is emerging with in some cases total and overt government complacencey is worthless and it's plebians have no right of existence when their behaviour is so hopelessly offensive and dangerous to all - citizens, animals and our earth. These far too tolerated and deluded offenders that present themselves as “the society” (whatever that fool is doing among fools) are now only encouraged by each other to herp the women in their company as coercion...and that's what you find if you go looking for ecstasy tablets today. An Garda Síochána have brought their “semen acid” around the world...the psychiatric ward under investigation has for years offered and promoted a supplement of vinegar and semen as 'movie drugs' in some insane assumption that this helps them roll around inside someone elses body probably expecting promotion if they mangaged to project an image of their cock onto the human camera canvas. This practice of a demented and protected mob of idiots is actually an obvious cause of an Irish skin condition prevelent in middle-aged/elderly males, fed and obsessed upon this movie for years by church and state diet. This is what they think is “acid,” and while 'radio garda traffickers' public movie assault gets underway in eastern Morocco there is a distinct smell of photographer's acetate (with not a sign of a print)...with just one speck of hope offered by the inventive Moroccan youth who once thought they could call their movement “Isis” after the comet their prophet appeared on in the future...that flash of hope being the bleaching of fake Irish tans in the showers of the 'Wuslims', by said acetate stocks. On a more serious note is the unmistakebly identification of a heroin trafficker linked to Marcus McCabe impersonating a Muslim woman today at the vegetable market in Rich: she stated in plain English “the government pays us to be here.” There is common discussion of hitting a persons food again while a Spanish/Italian trafficker had found himself a job at a convenience stall inquiring to my host about his expected human radio Arab language instructions... There is a severe assault on the Arab and Amazigh culture and language going on here with the human radio obsession and Dennis O'Brien is internationally responsible along with the Vatican, An Garda Síochána and of course the Irish regime and European bankrollers, the Irish National Lottery also. They are grotesquely exploiting a people, have set out to knowgingly assault Islamic and Amazigh culture impersonating the spiritual capacities of the enlightened and seeking to totally replace reverence for sacred communication with torture broadcast giberish. On the other hand there is distinct, brave and informed public positions being taken: a folk band at the market addressed the crowd to decry the Fool's Game and honored our space program and our lives, while the afternoon call to prayer in Rich made brief chastisements of the Fool's Game also and reinforced respect of law and Islam. At the same time there is a significant and obvious invasion here and the United Nations is actually obliged to intervene internationally: their obvious head, living there on the brink of total destitution as much shock and awe as our remote power may not a sufficient response from the UN. Serious readjustments have to be considered without any further delay for this is a situation of global war with an economic breakdown emergent in Europe. A heinous greed and detestation of working class, honorable and creative people appears as the hallmarks of essentially the same Nazi opposition. The United Nations is an allied project in the obvious and hard won treaties that emerged from both world wars: there was no room nor could there ever be for a Nazi outlook where one nation could simply delete it's own constitution so that unprosecuted, their appointed criminals could despoil another nation with impunity on distant parliament benches while migrating en masse the deluded, insane and violent with purpose to defile a foreign culture with torture, manipulation and biological assault. As I stated earlier a common motivation for poisoning is clearly evident and spoken: they are being offered reward for this. Also on the analysis of war, is the financial reality of Irish criminals travelling with and exchanging forged euros...we're doing it again here in Morocco.


      A final update from most recent observations and events in the area are a horde of movie perpetrators impersonating Moroccans and Muslims: they are of all ages and quite a few from my home town in Ireland: one jockey named Geraghty accompaning a trafficker quite obviously selling a child through the “Miley Cyrus” movie platform with thinly veiled customer instructions in bad Arabic accent: the child was approximately 7 or 8 years old, African medium length hair, seen before in Ireland. Her trafficker was Caucasian with likely fake tan. The towns I visit are filled with these impersonators who wear the filthiest of clothes and have the most despicable manners or respect society. There are nearly a dozen of these perpetrators here in this tiny village which has not even a single shop: one has just muttered to me this afternoon in his 'pretend Arab' English “you look like a Gaughan.” A possibly authentic but now arrested 'doctor' (introduced himself to me years ago with the hospital mob...possibly in Ireland: I'm still trying to place the recollection) has just arrived at the hotel to make inquiries about me smoking the mildest of local legal marijuana having just stated his fixation to “Miley Cyrus, tune his heb” at the door. A part of their conversation where they plainly implicated themselves in the hospital game is recorded. Travelling by taxi through the outskirts of Errachidia this afternoon my host felt it necessary that him and I squat in the back of the cab so as not to be seen... My host has received two phonecalls from an Irish female (possibly the same, first call 25th November 21:20 approximately to Houssain's cell-phone) threatening him with on the first occasion “so you have a prophet there: that could be dangerous,” stated in English, the accent distinctly that of Isolde Stapleton, former housemate against whom I have evidence of attempted murder: a fingerprinted large bottle of Coke visibly laced with heavy metals from a period a housesharing in Stoneybatter (13 Carnew St) Dublin 7. This evidence was taken from my home 23 Harrington St, Dublin 2 when Marcus McCabe evicted me from there, in late 2016, not long after a marked Garda vehicle present with McCabes son in stripping the place of my belongings, my access denied, busking for wart hostels stalked by Milosovich's criminals. Other evidence of war crime in that house was probable strontium and herpes powder and an assortment of dry food infected laced with heavy metals (of which poisoning I have tested positive: my hair was nearly falling out leaving residencey in Stoneybatter where Linda Farrell's son also lived as a persistent poisoner and bearer of bio-weapons he sought to unleash on my music students: children as young as 3 and 4 years old...Linda Farrell being the secretary general to Higgins). Another obvious trafficker impersonating a Moroccan woman seen twice this week is the daughter primary school teacher Ms Cudlip from Rathbeggan national school (a basement for captive children directly opposite that school, beneath a bar and restaurant on the N3, Co. Meath), her sister I believe, having been twice present in the Nederlands a short while ago. Similarly an alleged cousin David Ryan was impersonating a Spanish tourist in the company of the pestilence bomb manufacturer at Mafkees Hostel, Rotterdam. And finally, the mob doctor mentioned earlier has just been threatening me from the other side of my bedroom door as I type before settling back to his “tune his heb” fixation. I enclose a selection of recordings so there can be no argument about what is actually going on. Again on a financial note: I have zero means, no money for accommadation, food, medicine, tobacco, communication, transport while literally thousands throng around me for profit and exploitation some of them going so far as to openly state “the government is paying us to be here...” This is a travesty and I am demanding immediate cash lodgements to my account.


      Whether they be from criminals long obliged to compensate like the Aloysius Ward and Marcus McCabe, Páraic Gaughan, Dennis Murphy, Susan Finnerty MHC, Rory Davern of the Revenue Commissioners (longtime torture movie director, self confessed child abuser), Dennis O'Brien and co or the hostels only just plainly evidenced in Rotterdam. They all continue the guilt of purposeful endangerment by reneiging on known compensation obligations. And this is without even mentioning vast sums of money due from National Lottery. Failing this, perhaps civil society in all it's oft televised obsession might find it not beyond their to donate a few hundred euros in light of years of benefiting from piracy. Or god forbid, the United Nations itself might find it purposeful to audit it's payroll in light of international prosecutions and existing sentences. Realistically it is civil bailout that is probably the most plausible salvation in the immediate term. This is a shame on society and our institutions of governance. This communication is being distributed widely for reasons of justice and defense as well as the absolute and immediate neccessity to recieve financial relief. IMMEDIATE. This is a HABEOUS CORPUS.


      I am saddened to have to write about these awful crimes and offenses again but people have to get to grips with what is going on. This is an intolerable situation: I already presented a habeous corpus to Miley in my letter and evidence to her, late September. Regardless what is inconvenient to international bureocratic justice categorization, what is self evident and my wish is that my alleged family in Ireland should all be behind bars for this. They have sought and gambled upon my being murdered: there are hours of recordings of their hospital mob co-conspirators shouting “to kill him” over and over again. There is already documented heavy metal poisoning by Páraic Gaughan. I am providing you with the recordings from Higgin's daughter and the “french” Irish couple as a sample for up to date prosecutions and I am grateful to trust that you will indeed forward to Miley's American team as soon as possible. Communication between us is limited... It should also be noted again at this stage of the investigation that Danny Gaughan (an associate of said couple) is known to have orchestarted an attempted bomb assassination against Kofi Anan.


      I hope that in one not too distant day in the future, when the cost of a patent application wouldn't leave me hungry or homeless (because we know there's certainly no chance of independent funding when An Garda Síochán are guaranteed to present your plans to your investors “that they found on the movie first...and you can have them too if you fuck up his life a bit more...or we can wart your shower too.” Among a certain class of Irish movie terrorist fanatics it was common early retirement plan “to get the plans for this heater thing off Tales and bring it out before Steven Windsor.” Similarly our music falls on a society forced into pretending they've never heard it before though guaranteed to have heard instructions not to praise it: probably some of the most lucrative recordings in the world and a performance ban on it's composer, still subject to illegal human experimentation for maximum long distance brain damage while we practice...

      Presenting again what appears to me as the only rational, logical and viable analysis of our contemporary society from political, economic and social perspectives, I am stating once again: the world has to stop this. I have to be paid for this. It is a violation and offence to so many rights and social fundamentals. Can you please take measures on my behalf to bring this situation to as rapid a resolution as possible. It is heinous, disgusting and wicked. All my writing on this case will be uploaded to Wikileaks in the near future: it should not need to be stated that this does not sanction disclosure to public and criminals in the past. It includes dozens of reports (backed by real audio recordings) of dangerous mob crime including child killings, bomb threats, trafficking, sexual abuse, remote torture, bio-terrorism and attempted murder...reports to Irish government which recieved zero response, consistently. I can no longer name a single TD not implicated.

      And still I wait, maybe in futility on news of my property: my hard earned life as a professional teacher, artist and musician destroyed with thousands of euros worth of my equipment, years of labour reinvested during a time when I simply set out with honest and anthropic intentions, unaware of the disgusting agenda of exploitation and degradation that was already and so violently being inflicted upon state and 'family.'


      Thank you sincerely,


      Stephen Gaughan / Steven Windsor




      Post Script



      Where justice might be something more than a distant potential

      (in no way guaranteed) retirement plan...That long overdue,

      past adjuticated reparations might actually have an impact

      on the life you have stolen for years.

      How so commonly known assault is tolerated again and again,

      the same extortion, the same worn pretence of disempowerment

      and bribery with our own losses.

      Think ye lawful prose is a past-time I adopted waiting

      for the heavens to fall?



      Closing observations on the most disgusting public assault ever is of a hideously insane mob tolerated only by the erradicably stupid who flock with their cellphone 'wuslim' testicles and ovaries for mutual castration, their system now also removing their tongues and toes while returning their herp pills direct to their bladders. They are assaulting an honest business every single day here expecting that being the most offensive morons crying for nothing but 'his heb' is going to put them a Garda fast track to fucking the children here. I have been arresting them all and I will state again: the sheer stupidity and danger of allegedly official authorities failing to provide the further means of executive justice (salary, card, pistol and handcuffs) is obvious and is going to erode the public moral and basic conception of law, order and society itself. This is so overt and pervasive an attack on the fundamentals of civilization itself. That alleged institutions of authority cannot intervene with the simplest of acquantances and conversations about our future is pathetic, offensive and certainly that which will preclude your ever gaining access to or service of any of the craft you have salivated over all your life trying to figure out how to email your fucking balls to Darth Vader or however you wish to describe your personal flavour of delusion. A cast of Irish extras (actually child killing cult members) have just broadcast themselves on 2Monde, Saudi Arabian television (7-8pm 29th November) speaking their ingenious 'spanglarab' for 'time movie' soap opera where they have actually declared extra-terrestrial contact (this is actually quite a major global em...development if you want to call it that) amid encouraging the public to poison us and threatening to kill Mehran Keshe. It's time you all to grow up and forget about toe-wanking: remember things like RESPONSIBILITY and ECONOMY. Justice is not going to wait, there is a necessary reduction in the global population to be made and the Fool's Game has selected the terminal quite well: it has not however, and cannot in the present state of purposeful negligence by all of you, offered any way for so called civilisation to redeem it's dignity and excuse for continuance in light of our filth. €666 million is demanded by lawful force from the insane cult revolving around O'Brien and Higgins in Ireland: that sum is fitting for their obsessions, certainly well affordable and poetically indicative. It is to be used by my personal direction to rebuild the United Nations as it is quite clear that it is myself primarily holding the fundamentals of that institution in place. The world needs to begin paying me directly and immediately. My systems will increasingly target the viewers themselves wondering how many copies of our private life of poverty with some occasional concert guitar performances before an audience of 'heb bashers' they can sell before joining their mutual castration society. We're sorry you didn't get to watch the real time enhanced copy of your children dressed up as Moors and by the way it was probably the Spire that killed Mummy and Daddy so rapidly and non-discriminately: you built that, you shipped my blood to create wires for that intrument of human torture, there will be no apology as an organic intelligence emerges from its invasive mass of bio-metric circuitry and human nodes which identifies the genetics of perpetrators killing their families in an instant miles away while they herd around their obsession, offering pestilence for promotion.



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