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    • April 19, 2018 11:27 PM CEST
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      This configuration aims to create a shield on the outside and a connection in the inside, with an activation of the field.

      The cores are composed by Alkaline Aluminium, acid CO2, Alkaline CH3.

      For that purpose, GANSes have to be positioned from inside to outside, giving a specific layering, in fact, if put different GANSes in a rotative single core, they position themselves on the equator line of the reactor, not giving magnetic pressure.


      Watching the single reactor condition, the CO2 is the only Gravitational element, so, it will extract MaGrav fields from the Aluminium and the CH3, which inversely will give energy, being magnetical, compressing the total plasma field into the CO2 layer, which will have a vacuum condition as it has two magnetic field that push in opposite direction into CO2.

      Once compressed the field will pop, putting the material in Caroline Core out, and the material in external core inside, so the real condition of the reactor will be inverse in respect of the material positioning, which serves to create a magnetic pressure in CO2.

      Inside the field an activation tool of the OASIS is the carbon condition, which effectively activate the field, by extracting carbon inside the field condition.

      Carbon inside this triple cores reactors can be extracted from CH3, creating a field condition of H3 inside the magnetosphere, and from CO2, which is a filter, creating a field of O2 for respiration and a 26(Al)-12(C)=14(N) similar to the condition of the Earth atmosphere.




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