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    • May 24, 2018 3:46 PM CEST
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      How to use GANS for different health issues

      Basically all the Gans are creating Plasma Field, and it is interacting with our Body energy field,

      and it is helping our Body (energy/emotional/mental/physical) to balance and heal different issues and unbalances.

      CO2 Gans will heal and balance our Blood system and emotional body, releasing and reducing stress and tension, improving level of oxygen and overall energy level. It will activate cells, revitalizes the body and strengthens the immune system. CO2 GANS water is very beneficial to all kinds of muscle injuries. When used as a spray it immediately relieves pain.

       ZnO Gans (due to a large amount of Zinc) will speed up the healing process, and also will be working on cellular level. Zinc is a key component in more than 80 human metabolic cycles and plays an important role in the healing of wounds. ZnO liquid plasma interact with the fields of human emotions and therefore can be used to strengthen and balance human emotional needs.

       CuO Gans will heal and balance Lymph system and Physical body overall, it affects the muscle tissue and the nervous system. Copper is responsible for good communication through the nerves and copper acts as a disinfectant.

      CH3 Gans gives energy to the body, CH3 GANS water will strongly energize the body and is nutritious. The energy of the hydrogen of the CH3 GANS water becomes food for the body, when  plasma will be transferred to the molecules of the cells of a living body. CH3 gans will balance the Neuro system and will balance and increase the energy flow.

      The Keshe Foundation has launched a new encyclopedic WIKI

      Please visit the site to learn about Plasma technology in health, energy, agriculture, how to make gans' etc.

      Attached couple Files about how to use Gans for differrent health isssues/First Aid with GANS.

      Hope it will be helpful.

      For more information and Plasma products in US, please visit our web-page at:

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