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    • July 18, 2018 8:35 PM CEST
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      What to do against HCB?

      There is a problem in the beautiful Görtschitztal in Carinthia. The whole drama can be read here. A report of the Federal Environment Agency is available here.

      In principle, we are dealing with a large-scale poisoning of the environment and all the resulting disadvantages.


      How toxic is HCB? *

      HCB is among the twelve most dangerous industrial chemicals ever. It can u.a. cause cancer, but also affect the liver and hormone system. It is also particularly dangerous because it is persistent (persistent, hardly biodegradable) and can accumulate in organisms. A longer lasting intake of small amounts can be more problematic than a one-time high intake.


      What about the degradability of HCB in the environment and in the body? *

      HCB is hardly degradable. In the soil, science assumes a half-life of about 20 years, which means that in 20 years half of it is mined.

      Also in the body HCB is bad, but probably better than in the soil, degradable. In any case, it is crucial for a decrease that no new admission takes place. In any case, it can be assumed that a reduction takes many years.

      It can be assumed that the half-life in the body depends on the concentration. That is, at high concentrations, degradation occurs slightly faster than at lower concentrations. Unfortunately, there is a lack of scientific research to provide more reliable information. An effective “detoxification method” is unknown.

      * Source: Greenpeace


      To make it short.

      We sampled from a river that flows through the contaminated area and mixed it with different types of GaNS. Since this GaNS is a very special liquid, we had expected a change in the samples and were not disappointed.

      In total, we had 10 samples examined by a research laboratory and provided the results report as file attachment.

      In 3 out of 10 samples no HCB contamination is detectable. :)

      hcb-concentration-test_protlab.pdf (164.62 Kb)
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