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    • November 24, 2018 8:57 AM CET
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      GANS Water Dispenser and GANS available at the KF Store

      "GANS Water Dispenser"

      The GANS Water Dispenser is an all-glass water dispenser with an appropriately mounted tap. The package includes a bottle of CO2 GANS which can be placed outside the GANS Water Dispenser to release its fields to the water in the dispenser. Additional GANS Reserve Bottles can be ordered below.

      "GANS Reserve Bottles"

      A variety of sealed bottles of GANS are now available for sale at the Keshe Foundation Store. These GANS are perfect for use with the KF GANS Water Dispenser, to charge your water with the GANS fields of your choice. Experienced knowledge seekers may find other uses for these containers of GANS.

      Choose from regular GANSes such as CO2, ZnO, and CH3...or go exotic with Lime-tree Blossom, Blueberry, Sage, and many others. Prices vary from $60EU. See all your GANS Options here:

      Here's Klaus demonstrating the GANS Water dispenser and GANS Bottles in the 251st Knowledge Seekers Workshop of Nov 22nd 2018:

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