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    • January 26, 2018 9:52 PM CET
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      Quote Quest Instructions

      Do you have a favorite Quote from Mr. Keshe?

      The Keshe Foundation is composing a "Quote Quest" list of popular short quotes originating from Mr Keshe.

      We would like to have Knowledge Seekers from around the world post their most memorable quotes from Mr. Keshe!


      To submit a quote, sign in (or sign up) for the Community and then go under the "Quote Quest Submissions" topic.


      Please provide a full timestamp and direct youtube link to the quote from Mr. Keshe (see below for example).


      Go to our YouTube Channel and find the point in the video that you want to take the quote from.


      This image shows where you can click to share the link to the video you choose and click the "start at" checkbox to have the URL start at the time you want.



      Submissions to the Quote Quest should be in the following format:


      "The Quote." - MT Keshe

      Video Title, time

      URL to point in the video




      "Man is in charge of his own Destiny." - MT Keshe

      206th Knowledge Seekers Workshop, 0:11:30


      Please limit your submission to 280 characters or less (Twitter length).


      We want to hear your voice, on how Mr. Keshe has influenced your understanding of the universe!


      Thank You!

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