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A few types of essay for students

  • December 17, 2019

    Students should know, that there can be a few types of essays. They can find some information about it.

    The first is essay as a genre of written creative work. The aim of the creative as we see it is to move away from the "formalized" framework of a student's traditional writing. Essay-1 is dominated not so much by logic but by association. If the student is limited by a clear abstract framework, a given structure of written work, the need to substantiate everything and completely list the evidence, it is recommending to refer to the essay as a freer, dynamic form of written educational work.

    Of the formalized requirements for essay-1, there is only one thing to do: the presence of a title. The internal structure of the essay may be arbitrary. Since the essay is a small form of writing, it is not necessary but desirable to repeat the conclusions at the end; conclusions can be included in the body text or heading. Argumentation may also be premature to the formulation of the problem. The formulation of the problem may coincide with the final conclusion.

    While formulating the problem, it should be borne in mind that the essay distinguishes between a specific topic and its subjective interpretation. The scope of the topic in the essay is much narrower than, for example, in the treatise.

    A successful essay is possible only in the presence of unexpected progress in the disclosure of the topic: "We all thought ... and it turns out - on the contrary ..." Such a "point of surprise" is a prerequisite for the essay. A "point of surprise" is something that a student can surprise and enrich, even annoy the reader-teacher.

    Since the essay is a genre subjective, it may also be subjective. Betting on novelty is always risky. Provided that the sources are cited correctly and their own conclusions are well reasoned, there is always hope for success. Students can remember useful references online; they can find many good samples for their essays.

    The second type of essay is an essay as an element of a formalized type of writing. It can be said that essay-2 is also a replica, but it is addressed, for example, to examiners and should reflect not so much the student's point of view as the students' possession of a certain range of knowledge. Therefore, in Essay-2, it is important to demonstrate the ability to construct the answer to the question posed by the appropriate plan by conveying the key points. Most often, essay-2 is created in the form of a response form. An unusual type of writing creates two sets of problems. Some of these are related to the exam situation, the need to comply with formal requirements. Others are with the substantive side of the answers.

    The first type of problem is solved quite easily. The student can get acquainted in advance with the form, the rules for filling it and the sample questions. Before the student will be obliged (during the test works) will be a sheet with tasks and instructions.

    The range of issues related to the content side of the answers to the questions (the second type of problem) is not limited to knowledge of the actual material. It is equally important to present the expected response format and be able to check for the presence of key structural elements in the response scheme. The expected essay-2 response format is a coherent text that can be structured into paragraphs, paragraphs, and subparagraphs.

  • December 30, 2019

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