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  • July 4

    A grade beam (a.k.a. perimeter beam foundation) is a concrete foundation with rectangular cross section running around the perimeter of the house under the exterior walls. We call it a grade beam because it’s a beam, a horizontal structural member, which sits at grade, the elevation of the ground. Although not technically built with natural materials, it pairs well with many natural building methods


    Bond beam blocks and lintel blocks are concrete units which are used especially for masonry purposes. The differences between both bond beam block and lintel block in terms of their usage, shape, functions etc. are explained in this article

  • July 4

    Pirani gauge measures pressure by detecting the heat flux change from a heater to a heat sink as discussed in Section The interface for this device is straightforward yet offers high resolution and accuracy. Figure 36 shows a benchtop measurement diagram for the device (Stark et al. 2003).

    The scotch yoke mechanism is precisely positioned inside a perfectly sealed housing which protects it against corrosion in the most adverse environments. The housing also encompasses a stem thrust support device suitable to withstand the transversal forces generated during rotation and to ensure the proper alignment of the piston rod with the sliding blocks. Low rotational friction is also ensured by means of oversized precise fitted bronze yoke shaft bushings which contribute to extend heavy duty working life span

  • July 30

    The initial symptoms of alcohol detox are mild, but can quickly begin to worsen as time goes on IOP in Philadelphia. Some of the early withdrawal symptoms include headaches, anxiety, shaking, nausea and irritability.

  • July 30

    Rehabilitation is the process of helping an individual achieve the highest level of function, independence, and quality of life possible Encore Recovery. Rehabilitation does not reverse or undo the damage caused by disease or trauma, but rather helps restore the individual to optimal health, functioning, and well-being.

  • July 31

    What Is Seasoning of Timber?

    Seasoning of Timber is a hydrothermal treatment of Timber, involving evaporation of moisture content in required proportion.

    Timber Seasoning increases the strength of timber, eliminates wood rot, prevents changes in the dimensions and shape of the articles made of timber

    Compressive strength of concrete can be defined as the ability of material or structure to carry the loads on it without any crack or deflection. A material under compressive

    DPC means Damp Proof Course which is applied at basement levels, which restricts the movement of moisture through types of walls and floors of a building. Mostly DPC courses are required in new build properties which are most sensitive to the Sand moisture content in order to prevent rising dampness subsequently.

    The magnitude of load a soil could withstand transfer from the foundation is called the Safe Bearing Capacity of Soil. The Pressure exceeding this value might cause the failure of soil and subsequently that of structure.

    Workability of concrete is the ease, with which concrete mix design can be mixed, transported, placed in formwork, and compacted completely as possible while using the lowest possible water/cement ratio.

  • July 31

    The design and construction of a roof necessitate the consideration of several design factors among which, the element of drainage holds the most crucial role. Excellent Roof construction cost requires a careful review of all it’s dependent factors and the use of different roofing materials.

    Pitched Roof are the roofs which generally slopes downwards in one, two or more parts (depending upon the design), at a certain angle from the central ridge (the central ridge is the highest point or peak in a sloping roof).


    In earlier times, pitched roofs are constructed using timber, but modern construction techniques allow it to be built using concrete, having timber as it’s formwork surface.


    The difference of the pitched roof from the gable roof is that the slope of the flat roof is less than 10°, which only enables adequate drainage of rainwater in low to moderate rainfall regions, whereas, in the sloping roof, it generally varies between 45°-60°.

  • August 2
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  • August 4

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  • August 6

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  • August 10

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