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    • June 28, 2018 10:58 AM CEST
    • Informations, pictures, drawings, renderings and explanations I posted yesterday in a dozen posts have disappeared. Interpretations, are personal, of course, but nevetheless present to explain what might happen to you if you ventured through space without knowing anything about consequences that are truly bizarre. I hope Mac will put back the material I uploaded. It has to do with plasmatic technology, so, I can't see why it has been censored. I am starting to see that timing is essential to a specific plot, and whenever future teaches you something, you move one step backwards.

      In magic this could be compared to an Oblivion Curse. In Metaphysics a karmic mistake. In undestanding and comprehension of the matters of life and spirit, within the strength of the soul, this attitude would fall into weakness. Are you afraid of biodiversity? There is a divine sense of humor in the skies that goes far beyond our rigidity. I am so sad all the work I shared with you disappeared from your pages today, even if it is only a temporary manifestation of magnetical impulses. 

      And, of all possible manifestations, you chose to delete exactly these pages.

      I hope you will sort it out, and put the pages back.

      Internal views of a Far Traveller Starship, 3 renderings, and pictures of a Mutaforma ship, alien craft etc... etc...

      If it is too much for you? You may speak freely. I have not even received one single communication from the start.

      Please Explain and stress out you motivations.




      Jedi Simon






    • November 10, 2017 9:45 PM CET
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