• Workshop Organization Update
    Posted by Vince Roncalio September 9, 2016


    Under the Groups tab, you can create a community study group.  

    Members will be able to select the "Community Study Group" Catagory and search study groups within it.

    All members of your group can invite people to it, however you, as admin of the group, must approve those who are invited.  


    Please select a title for your group that reflects the group location and Mandate.  For example, "California Gans Study Group" or "LA Magravs study Group"

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  • Sandor Kakasi
    Sandor Kakasi For recording letters of peace, in the Keshe Foundation's Forum  more
    • Fri at 12:55 PM
  • michael rasch
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  • angel antonio navarrete guerrero
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  • space dream
    space dream plasma cap v2
    • July 16
    • space dream
      Doug MacDonald space dream, Wonderful. Believe it or not, you are are plasma scientist, at work. Next step is to DIY and share the results with us.
      • Mon at 12:34 PM
    • space dream
      space dream Thanks Doug! I think we all here is plasma engineers, more or less! :)
      • Wed at 6:39 AM
  • kuo-feng cheng
    kuo-feng cheng Plasma Generator V3.0
    • July 16
    • kuo-feng cheng
      Doug MacDonald kuo-feng, Always remember to focus on your good intentions and the plasma reactor will respond.
      • Mon at 12:27 PM
  • Wenshi Hao
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  • diane smith
    diane smith blessings sisters and brothers! That would be awesome if you could make it to our 'Introduction', Rick, or JC(if you's is in here), but I doubt if you's will be able to, as you are both still quite a distance from the Okanagan. This first Introduction is ...  more
    • July 13
    • diane smith
      Doug MacDonald Hello diane, I think I am on the other side of this beautiful planet and give to you what is needed in Okanagan. DIY is the way.
  • RONG yang
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  • sily teng
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  • saeed hadidi
    saeed hadidi By all means please do take any screening measures needed for my security clearance and please do let me know ow if I need to provide any kind of additional info. ❤️much love and peace
    • July 10
  • saeed hadidi
    saeed hadidi Thanks very much.
    • July 10
  • saeed hadidi
    saeed hadidiRick Crammond: Hi Rick, My name is Saeed and I live in West Van. BC, I just joined and I heard about M.T. Keshe from Patrick Flanagan in an interview he had at Gaia TV. so I started searching and found the site and watched youtube stuff and introductions to Kssf. I love...  more
    • July 10
    • saeed hadidi
      Rick Crammond Hi Saeed, Good to "meet" you!

      The public sessions are available to participate at Zoom room 939474503
      Livestreaming at: ...  more
  • saeed hadidi
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  • Edie Lee
    Edie LeeCreating Field Plasma Devices for Humanity: Hamburger Magrav bauvereins ladet alle zu Plasma vortrage ein; im Hamburg Deutschland.

    19th July 19:30 uhr Info auf Facebook sight Hamburger Magrav Bauvereins. 

    ...  more
    • July 9