• Workshop Organization Update
    Posted by Vince Roncalio September 9, 2016


    Under the Groups tab, you can create a community study group.  

    Members will be able to select the "Community Study Group" Catagory and search study groups within it.

    All members of your group can invite people to it, however you, as admin of the group, must approve those who are invited.  


    Please select a title for your group that reflects the group location and Mandate.  For example, "California Gans Study Group" or "LA Magravs study Group"

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  • Pia Larsen
    Pia Larsen posted a new video:
    INVITATION Song track with Sky formation photos
    "INVITATION" is a music video by Pia Larsen of RAIN BEAT Music, dedicated to the invitation to peace for space visitors. This "INVITATION" Just wanna share, I have collected pictures in iMovie - skyformations or - what it is, could be cloaked there in t...
    • 13 hours ago
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  • Julia Ditkovska
    Julia DitkovskaAgriculture - Universal Council Family: It is great to have a passion and even greater when you can share it. Growing up with the influence of farmaceutical engeneer mother I've learned that every single drug made by human is a replica of a nature made one but slterd for the possibility of br...  more
    • March 22
  • salilulrouh ebraheem
    salilulrouh ebraheemMelhli Jamila: سلاما أيتها السيدة المحترمة يشرفني أن تتقبلي صداقتي فأنا ابحث بحثا حثيثا عن شخص يتكلم العربية على موقع الدكتور مهران  ولقد تعبت كثيرا  حتى قادتني الصدف لسماع  فيديو لك أنت والسيد جلال تتحدثون فيه عن تقنيات البلازما  سيدتي  وتطبيقاتها ، سيدتي نحن في...  more
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  • Edie Lee
    Edie LeeFay Ferris: Hello
    Fay: I noticed people did not recognize the meaning of some of the
    things you said. I am hoping with zoom that we will ba able to create a
    better connection that is clearer. If I heard you correctly you said you...  more
    • March 21
  • Edie Lee
    Edie LeeMario Kienappel: Just wrote a note to Sandy and invited her to a Zoom Teaching day. I Will let you know what she says. ( Smile) Ciao for now Edie
    • March 21
  • Edie Lee
    Edie LeeSuzanne Rouge: Suzanne: It is sad that you don't have a computer. otherwise I would ask to call and have  a chat with you and Jodi. I miss you two lots. It would be so nice to stop by and watch Jodi build a fire. It was so nice to see yours & Jodi's face. Thank you ...  more
    • March 21
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