• Workshop Organization Update
    Posted by Vince Roncalio September 9, 2016


    Under the Groups tab, you can create a community study group.  

    Members will be able to select the "Community Study Group" Catagory and search study groups within it.

    All members of your group can invite people to it, however you, as admin of the group, must approve those who are invited.  


    Please select a title for your group that reflects the group location and Mandate.  For example, "California Gans Study Group" or "LA Magravs study Group"

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    Ronnie Darling Good grief, finally! A group that doesn't really want to parade politics and theology, I knew that someday life would be a good surprise.
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    kuo-feng cheng Single layer MPU test,inner coil 45 turn outside coil 81 turn.
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    kuo-feng chengUniversal Council Mandarin Language: I have found something interesting and strange
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