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    • March 6, 2018 5:23 PM CET
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      Open Letter To The Prime Minister

      The Honourable Malcolm Turnbull MP
      Prime Minister of Australia
      Parliament House
      Canberra ACT 2600

      Dear Prime Minister, Malcolm,

      It is now time for your good self to take control of and responsibility for changing the course of Australia's position in World Affairs.
      The time of World Peace is now upon us, the time of false enemies and warfare is finished.
      The artificial borders of division are now evaporating across large portions of the earth, as you are well aware.
      New, peaceful and very powerful Plasma Technologies have been developed, making all current weapons of destruction, tools of war, large or small obsolete and unable to function, in an instant. Intercontinental travel in minutes and a raft of other benefits are also on the table for mankind. If man becomes truly kind.
      Warfare is a primitive and barbaric habit, an addiction for those who have gained vast power, wealth and control from it's use over past centuries but at the cost of many millions of lives, countless wasted resources and unlimited suffering for so called winners and losers alike, in equal measure.
      Rehabilitation and elevation from this deadly addition is now at hand.
      Many World Leaders have realised this and have voluntarily joined together in a positive co operative effort to better serve their citizens and the planet as a whole. They see clearly what the problem has been and the way to remedy it. Put simply, they have chosen to serve rather than be served.
      They have come to understand that killing on a mass scale, for whatever reason, is as unacceptable as any single murder and that those responsible will pay a heavy price of suffering in their own souls.
      Whether to rob the assets of a nation or rob the assets of a single house or business, armed robbery is a serious offence magnified greatly if anyone is killed in the process.

      Malcolm, when I look into your soul through your child like eyes and gentle smiling face I see the true potential of your peaceful and loving character, on soul level. Not merely a naïve young addict playing deadly games on behalf of the older and more heavily addicted, only to satisfy their greedy intentions. This, unfortunately, is the image you currently project in your physicality.
      Elevate your physicality to the Honourable position that your title suggests, find balance with your soul and you will become the Peacemaker Prime Minister.
      Please choose to break free from misguided association and join the Peaceful World Leaders who have wisdom and love to share with you, the citizens of Australia and the entire planet.

      Again, I remain,
      Your humble servant,

      Douglas MacDonald


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