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    • April 28, 2018 6:42 PM CEST
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      Three core condition for hovering

      Three elements are fundamental in this condition:
      Hydrogen gas
      Plasma current

      The hydrogen gas' aim is To positionate in fundamental system for us which is earth-sun. From hydrogen plasma condition (once ignited) can be extracted the energy from the hydrogen gas to create a bubble of hydrogen, which makes float the entire structure.

      The second element is a plasma current. This Will be created by positioning of CH3 in Caroline core and external core, with a relation of one drop in caroline core to 30ml in external core. By forcing The positioning (position in The cores) we Force a reconnection in between, similar To The condition proton-electron.
      The Caroline core is heavy alkaline due to caustic liquid for production of hydrogen, so The external core has To be strong acidic, with an addition of citric acid or HCL to create a difference of potential.

      In between there is a need of a filter, or the two potential Will be too much strong and The reactor Will Explode (tested).
      For that mean it Can Be used co2 plasma liquid.
      Co2 has To be present also in Caroline core. In this Way we have a plasmatic current that Goes from outside to inside (CH3 link), and a filter that is present in The medium (Middle core) and in The Caroline core. The Central core is both Linked To The Middle core (co2) and To The external core (Ch3).

      Inside The Caroline core we have The Magic of this science.
      It Will be created a condition in which The hydrogen gas sits in The Center (or tend To), There is a drop of CH3 which act as an electron around The gas, then aluminium gans and then CO2. In this last section, The interaction between aluminium (26) and CO2 (44) is 18 (CH3), it Means that in The interaction of The elements inside The Caroline core, It Will be created a Field of transitional energy of CH3. This field expand itself in The Middle core, permitting The flow of plasma from the external core To Caroline core.

      Every element is positioned To have a bigger mass (proton) on the outside and a Smaller mass in The inside (electron).

      The plasmatic current lead To The compression of The hydrogen gas making possible The disposal of its energy in The around magnetosphere. This means that The reactor Will behave, in its totality, like hydrogen gas, searching positioning in The earth atmosphere, so it Will go upWard.

      This work has started with a test with double core, without co2, and every time, The reactor Exploded. Once put The co2 filter in between, The condition was more stable, and permitted The transformation of aluminium in caustic in hydrogen and aluminium gans.
      It has to be reported that this condition as it is explained has been tested, The result was a search of positioning by The entire reactor.
      From this i point The finger To The spaceship condition, where, thanks To the star formation, It Can Be created a protective bubble which expands from The center of it, differently From The single reactor situation, which was tied To The ground by Means of The electrical wires only.

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