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    • April 30, 2018 11:36 AM CEST
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      Links to "Spaceship" topic mentioned in the Keshe Workshops

      Here's a list of video links with the term "Spaceship" mentioned by MT Keshe in the Knowledge Seekers Workshops.

      The quotes may be useful to those who are planning on building a spaceship...whether on the physical level or through the soul level.



       [01:00:27.140]  Can I change my Spaceship in a different way?


      [02:41:02.600]Those of you who are trying to create a Spaceship program,


      [02:41:05.630]or a Spaceship for yourself and you see you cannot do,


      [02:56:13.150]"In the womb of the mother, now the Spaceship is the womb"



      [02:44:09.500]When we activate the Spaceship within us


      [02:49:00.200]Um, Mr Keshe when we activate the Spaceship within us



       [03:23:29.320] This is how you control the Spaceship reactors.



       [00:23:00.410]All Space Programs, Spaceship Programs of Keshe Foundation


      [00:23:17.280]All the Spaceship launching's, with the permission of Chinese government,


      [00:25:06.180]of the Space and the Spaceship Program.


      [00:28:17.340]In developing the Spaceship Program, the way it has to be done and it'll


      [00:29:28.420]Spaceship Program in any aspects, can come in and join and be part of it.


      [00:46:57.340]as we have given you the Spaceship technology freely, to do that.


      [00:50:03.300]Spaceship Program opens up, and we'll see


      [00:50:41.780]This is one of the advantages of opening Space through the Spaceship Program.


      [00:51:09.910]which will come with the Space Technology with the Spaceship Program


      [03:30:00.810]into the rank of the Spaceship program, to become part of the Space Program.


      [03:30:11.660]Which means, they become part of the Spaceship Program,





        [01:33:48.510]  (MK) Not given to the Spaceship you give it to another Soul to carry.



      [01:12:17.590]  You are looking for Spaceships to fly, but the Spaceship of the Man


      [01:12:38.120]Because the Spaceship is the Physicality of the Man.



       [02:25:34.440]So, I guess if in... in the Spaceship we ...



       [02:02:49.910]  and at the top the Hydrogen trying, it creates the Spaceship here.


      [02:29:02.790]In other words, the Spaceship must easily be re-configurable and adaptable


      [02:29:11.020]Therefore, constructing a Spaceship out of similar materials,


      [02:29:18.910]The Spaceship must be created out of MaGravs Plasma.


      [02:29:31.070]Being dynamic, the Spaceship would be able to grow to accommodate more within herself,


      [02:29:42.790]During Space travel, the Spaceship would replicate the Earth's Gravity Field


      [02:30:21.620]would reside in the very air that the crew of the Spaceship breathe.



       [00:11:56.840]  to show the First Spaceship Programme.


      [00:13:23.180]We have entered the phase of creation of the Spaceship Sphere.


      [00:15:29.480]the first Spaceship, 2018 has been our target.


      [01:00:44.980]through understanding of his own Soul, not through the Spaceships.


      [01:00:49.400]Those who take to Spaceships it means they still need... nourishing.


      [01:32:42.560]and the Spaceship Institute, which is the development of the tools of the Space


      [03:28:42.680]How many time can you walk around one circle of the Spaceship?


      [04:19:41.500]and the Spaceship is the Dimension which the Soul decides to manifest itself".


      [04:19:52.230]that you could almost design and build your Spaceship with it.


      [04:19:59.300](MK) We choose a Spaceship to be our physical manifestation,


      [04:20:02.620]we can make any Spaceship, as we can do in the Space.



      [00:49:41.280]which has been given to us by the Italian's for the first Spaceship Center for Africa.


           174th Knowledge Seekers Workshop

           "The Spaceship is within your soul."



            185th Knowledge Seekers Workshop - August 17, 2017

           "Q. The spaceship takes on a living form..."



           210th Knowledge Seekers Workshop

          "Don't forget you can still take a donkey on a Spaceship."



          MT Keshe - Mike Harris First Interview March 14, 2014

          Because I was invited by Iranian government in 2008 and I developed the spaceship technology...


          MT Keshe - Mike Harris First Interview March 14, 2014

          Noahs Boat. We are building the first spaceship in Italy...


          MT Keshe - Mike Harris First Interview March 14, 2014

          "The cost of making the first Spaceship at the moment has been set at about 50 - 55 million euros..."


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