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    • May 4, 2018 8:41 PM CEST
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      I would be awesome if the ones that have designed and implemented multi-core gans reactors would share their designs here.

      No point in re-inventing the wheel when we can share.

      I am working on a setup myself, when I reach a working point, I will share mine here as well.



    • May 5, 2018 6:45 AM CEST
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      Untitled title

      the point is to work on the fields only.

      multi-core plasma reactors are created by the interaction of similar strength fields. this is why mr. Keshe explained at the end of the 220th teaching about the the 6-sided capture kit with the metals and nc-cu.

      a new idea: lets use the magrav coil setup, but replace some of the wires with different metals.

      we need at least one nc-cu coil for the gravitational field, and the other three metals: cu, zn-fe and zn for the other coils.

      finally nc-cu plate or other nc plate for shielding from earth as baseline.

      next put the "empty" ball in the center.

      add some moisture generator in surrounding of the whole setup.


      the point is to have a strong 6-1 field in the ball, which when ready can be used as next base for scaffolding.

      indra's net, serpienski triangle...

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