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    • July 7, 2021 10:00 AM CEST
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      My wishful Spaceship

      This design is very simple and practical, only 4 marbles as a starr formation and you can carry them in your pocket when on standby  if you want physically manifestate yourself.
      Inside in a plasma state in each marble are more double cores in form off  nutrons.
      I see a nutron as a double core in a plasma state
      The shelter can be anything you like and wish and if you have no idea it can work automatically.

       It shouldt fit in  glas marbles  but better are christal marbles because off filtering effect , the matter state off the marbles shouldt not be no problem.

      Also a ceramic can be used

      Some members lost there balls and found them in a other room or not at all.
      So they shouldt link up together so they can exchange energy , they need also a partner like humans and dont want  to be alone .
      You can adjust your shelter with thoughts to what you need and like .
      The nutrons based on HDT  connected to zink iron cupper cohn and  blood for mind control , and  so becomes a part off yourself.
      You have all what you need , food , water ,healing and transportation and in any case you have a shelter .

      The first thing I want is to help my wife with demenz and if she start walking and talking and care for herself again they cant keep here anymore inside the nursery home 

      My way off living will change , sell my carr and maybe the house we own its just to much effort .

      I think off being a flying helping angel for everyone and also my wife , she liked to help older people if she can make or I can make it to restore here  .

      I did always know what to do with this , the ganses I made full nano cups from zink and cupper  I think its from KNSW 337   is tested on my self  ( sprayed it in my  bed )  I feel good , all most not hungry.
      Some ganses I put them around the house and iin the house

      This post was edited by John van Bergem at April 20, 2022 3:52 AM CEST

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