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    • July 24, 2018 1:11 AM CEST
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      Spaceship design.

      Regarding spaceship designs.

      A lot of development and understanding of varoise factors that will be needed to build a sustainable craft has already taken place.
      Whats needed now is to bring these new developments and new understandigs together to form a viable device.
      Coming from a microgeneration backgroud I have taken the approach from an energy efficient perspective.
      Adding in Energy supplys, heavy magnets and coils and components only pushes our ability to make a useable device further away.
      Looking at ways to provide a device that compleats the task in hand and being lightweight and energy efficient has to be the way forward.
      We must take the attributes we want to achive and replicate them in a new way.
      For plasma production it involves very high voltage albeit at a very low power. Today we are using mains electricity, heavy coils and capacitors etc.
      Biulding all this into a system pushes the bar higher and makes our goals further away.
      With a different method of providing very high low amp power is attainable with products we already know.
      For example. A cigarette lighter with a piezoelectric sparker can produce over 1000v. That one very small device that causes a spark to light the gas.
      A pezio cell 1cm2 can produce a quantifiable amount of Electric current. Its been well researched and they are many papers from notable scorces that can confirm outputs.
      Incorporating a pizio cell of a much larger proportion would be the eqivallent of a snall battery.
      Having a number of these pizio cell in line can further increase the output and push its combined work to begin to come near to a useable amount.
      This can then be multplied by having a seris of these devices all focused to the same point and attain a device with notable power.
      This is only one way efficiency can be engineerd. Incorporating other elements into this same energy device we can then transform its attributes into something nore positive to exploit plasma reactions.
      Sort of a power device come waveguide giving out a suitable frequency and having a bit of power.
      This combination of focus approach of a usable electical wave can then be recycled and sent around the system by using a coil operating at a similar frequency located byond the plasma reactor. Once sparked up and all at frequency it could work on very small amonts of power to maintain it and almost self sufficient.

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