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    • March 6, 2018 5:23 PM CET
    • The Honourable Malcolm Turnbull MP
      Prime Minister of Australia
      Parliament House
      Canberra ACT 2600

      Dear Prime Minister, Malcolm,

      It is now time for your good self to take control of and responsibility for changing the course of Australia's position in World Affairs.
      The time of World Peace is now upon us, the time of false enemies and warfare is finished.
      The artificial borders of division are now evaporating across large portions of the earth, as you are well aware.
      New, peaceful and very powerful Plasma Technologies have been developed, making all current weapons of destruction, tools of war, large or small obsolete and unable to function, in an instant. Intercontinental travel in minutes and a raft of other benefits are also on the table for mankind. If man becomes truly kind.
      Warfare is a primitive and barbaric habit, an addiction for those who have gained vast power, wealth and control from it's use over past centuries but at the cost of many millions of lives, countless wasted resources and unlimited suffering for so called winners and losers alike, in equal measure.
      Rehabilitation and elevation from this deadly addition is now at hand.
      Many World Leaders have realised this and have voluntarily joined together in a positive co operative effort to better serve their citizens and the planet as a whole. They see clearly what the problem has been and the way to remedy it. Put simply, they have chosen to serve rather than be served.
      They have come to understand that killing on a mass scale, for whatever reason, is as unacceptable as any single murder and that those responsible will pay a heavy price of suffering in their own souls.
      Whether to rob the assets of a nation or rob the assets of a single house or business, armed robbery is a serious offence magnified greatly if anyone is killed in the process.

      Malcolm, when I look into your soul through your child like eyes and gentle smiling face I see the true potential of your peaceful and loving character, on soul level. Not merely a naïve young addict playing deadly games on behalf of the older and more heavily addicted, only to satisfy their greedy intentions. This, unfortunately, is the image you currently project in your physicality.
      Elevate your physicality to the Honourable position that your title suggests, find balance with your soul and you will become the Peacemaker Prime Minister.
      Please choose to break free from misguided association and join the Peaceful World Leaders who have wisdom and love to share with you, the citizens of Australia and the entire planet.

      Again, I remain,
      Your humble servant,

      Douglas MacDonald


    • March 2, 2018 6:25 PM CET
    • Thank you for the overview, And yes you all have made a tremendous effort for the sake of us all. I am most grateful for the insight into this world changing technology and infornation. Even though I personaly have not been allowed near the foundation for reason unknown to me,  i still tell lots of people about it. Thank you. Adam.

    • March 1, 2018 9:58 PM CET



      This is not a frivolous topic. It may even be considered critical. Over the years from the earliest public teachings of Mr.Keshe in Belgium a Core Team of dedicated souls, living mostly on coffee and patience, have gathered together around the Keshe Foundation in order to support, protect and spread this knowledge correctly. At first the teachings and promises may have seemed a little surreal but something very deep and strong came through Mr.Keshe's unwavering tone and certainty that things needed changing and there was no viable alternative available other than his technology, based on a radical new plasma physics. We watched his public lectures, signed up to the website, maybe joined the discussions on the Forum which was a way of communicating with Mr.Keshe as he was very interactive there, at that time. Most people, back then, seemed to be obsessed with free energy, flying cars and antigravity devices etc. Over time, for reasons not then obvious, a growing element of skepticism began to creep in. Public demonstrations of lift and motion were postponed at the last minute, books or products ordered were not delivered. “Prove it! Prove it!” They began shouting. “Scam! Scam! Scam!” They repeatedly said. Thus began the time of coffee and patience. Much coffee and much patience.

      Many, so called supporters or fair weather friends, abandoned ship or joined the growing lynch mob. But the Core Team remained rock solid, struggling to get the true word out by spending hours, on a fragile internet base, defending and protecting against the growing onslaught of opposition and derision. It seemed to be going rapidly, from bad to worse, on a daily basis. What wasn't known at that time was that all the opposition was being orchestrated from deep within The Foundation itself. We had a Judas amongst us. Suddenly came a move to Italy. Why? “To run from the law and escape the victims of their scams” the skeptics said. To run for their lives from an organised, ruthless, gang of highly placed murderers and thieves, in fact. Even after verbal threats and physical attacks Mr.Keshe had finally refused outright to sign over the rights of his patents to the king and his henchmen who then, in frustration, had ordered him and his family out of their country, immediately. Murder attempt number three or four or five followed. No one was keeping score except the perpetrators, Mr.Keshe and his dear wife Caroline. The core team knew, by this stage, just how correct Mr.Keshe was and how determined his “enemies” were. This was very serious indeed, more than just reputations were at stake, people's lives were being threatened. Despite the continued tensions progress was being made as the experimentation and development had noticeably picked up pace since the move to Italy. The first group of  inducted Knowledge Seekers had begun working with Mr.Keshe in the new lab. With one exception, who was actually a paid assassin, all were keen to learn and contribute to the knowledge. This was an important step as they publicly showed that anyone can, without a physics degree and million dollar research facility, walk into the cutting edge of science, thus opening it up for the man and woman on the street to do the same. All the basic procedures we use today were being revealed and much more beside that we are still to fully understand. More coffee, more patience.

      Not by chance, the only lady Knowledge Seeker in the lab, at that time, was Yakoko, a Japanese citizen. Her earnest desire and intention from the outset was simply to serve her country and countrymen. To show the way forward. Little did she, or we, know how that intention would be put to the test, almost immediately, practically and urgently. Magnitude 9.0 Earthquake, Giant Tsunamis, Fukushima Disaster. When the Fukushima Reactor blew up and the true scale of the nuclear aspect of the disaster was explained, in detail, by Mr.Keshe, based on his previous experience as a nuclear engineer, specialising in reactor control, we were shaken to our very souls as this would adversely effect the whole planet, not just Japan. Mr.Keshe immediately asked for a Special Decontamination Teaching and the team in the background obliged, as always. The teaching was simply profound, to say the least, and can be viewed anytime on the website. Yakoko immediately volunteered to go directly to Fukushima, taking a small decontamination kit with her. Upon her arrival an open video link was established at a small Government Office, well equipped to measure radiation in food and soil, near the centre of the contaminated zone. With Mr.Keshe's guidance, amazing data was recorded by Yakoko and the Government Technician, printed out and delivered to the local TEPCO office. We all watched live with coffee and patience as the dramatic events unfolded. Thank you brave and beautiful Yakoko. What has occurred, in the background, since these initial events is yet to be fully revealed.

      With coffee and patience. We watched another series of live broadcasts from the lab and waited as the star formation slowly gained weight and touched down from it's suspended position. We watched as it moved, on it's platform, across the floor. The measuring detectors were flashing their readings. Waiting transfixed for days and nights on end for lift off, maybe? History in the making? Something profound was going to happen, we all strongly felt, but what? In the background Mr.Keshe secretly organised a joint test of intention involving Knowledge Seekers in three separate locations around the world. At an appointed time they succeeded in remotely stopping one of the reactors. After that, the one reactor started again but  slowed and wobbled. We continued watching with coffee and patience as the hours ticked by. Then it happened, a sudden huge surge of energy went through the system, 129T was recorded on the meter. Wow! What did that mean? Mr.Keshe explained the significance and reason for these live experiments to the Knowledge Seekers. With only a few hundred dollars worth of equipment the “scientific impossible” had occurred. Previously at Los Alamos, New Mexico, with many, many thousands of mega or giga watts/volts and millions of dollars, the scientific elite had recorded 99T and blown their equipment to pieces in the process. After the 129T surge our humble star formation had remained intact and re written the scientific record books. We had also witnessed the power of intention to control the plasmatic fields. Instant, no time, communication across vast earthly distances. Milestones of history in the making, indeed. More coffee and patience.

      In a momentous announcement that shook up the chess board Mr.Keshe declared himself a Messiah. This brought his “enemies” in closer, like vultures, to circle what they thought would soon be a corpse. Rick Crammond took a large part of the public flak that began bursting around The Keshe Foundation beginning with a hastily organised interview by “the high priest of free energy” on the internet. “MESSIAH are you kidding? He's obviously gone mad” was the whole theme of this interview which included Biblical quotes and religious references galore. Interestingly though, this was the turning point to a positive outcome for truth over lies and fabrications. It wasn't obvious at the time but a trap was being laid by Mr.Keshe to checkmate the skeptics and set the record straight as to who was really scamming who. Never play chess with an Iranian grand master and expect to win. More coffee, more patience.

      As things heated up Rick's YouTube presence was completely taken down as great pressure was brought to bear on all aspects of this knowledge being honestly and openly spread. Mr.Keshe then entered into private phone dialogues with the “high priest” in which Mr.Keshe directly called him out as a pedophile after hearing  admissions from his own mouth in these dialogues. This was met with accusations of slander and threats of serious legal action if this was made public. Undaunted Mr.Keshe steadily narrowed the pathway into the trap. What resulted is now on the public record. Mr.Keshe is vindicated completely while others are or will be spending the rest of their lives in solitary confinement as the web of deceit and criminality, revealed then, unravels to this day. Sadly we lost a wonderful young man, Fabio, along the way due to their nefarious activities but, on the other hand, we were able to witness the true efficacy of this technology, when applied with sincere focused intention, in the swift recovery of Naomi from seemingly hopeless road trauma. More coffee, more patience.

      The effort, patience (and coffee) required, behind the scenes, in the background,  to present this knowledge as a free gift to humanity is truly astonishing, hundreds of public Knowledge Seekers Workshops, hundreds of Plasma Reactor Group meetings and many other landmark public broadcasts have gone to air and continue unabated. These broadcasts often occur at extreme hours of the night for those most responsible and run for hours at a time, without complaint or let up. The early KSW's were plagued with technical difficulties brought about by a combination of well organised hacking, inadequate, compromised internet servers, poor connections, lack of expensive computers and the Core Team having to learn the art of broadcast production, on the hop, from scratch (Tick all the boxes). Spare a thought for the Core Team and their many assistants when watching the glossy, bright, efficient and professional standard now presented by the KfSSI to the world. It was a long, hard and uphill slog to achieve this with just coffee and patience. Lots of coffee and patience.

      As we travel the spans of the universe and beyond, in the near future, we may like to stop somewhere and manifest a Coffee Machine and a comfortable chair, brew a cup of plasmatic coffee, sit still awhile in gratitude and remember our humble beginnings, struggling to become men and women of space, back on the beautiful blue earth. Refreshed, in this way, we will travel on in our patient quest to find our ultimate home, in the land of our soul. 


      99th. Attribute of the Soul. As-Sabur : The Patient One.

    • February 11, 2018 5:39 PM CET
    • Doug MacDonatld said:

      Israel and Iran: A love story?

      This is how we are bringing peace to humanity. When people mature, they can find the bathmate here a way out of fear and elevate into love.

      That's a cool video, but I fear like we're still so far from that becoming a reality. Doesn't mean we shouldn't keep trying though.

    • February 1, 2018 1:23 AM CET
    • Israel and Iran: A love story?

      This is how we are bringing peace to humanity. When people mature, they find a way out of fear and elevate into love.