• Forums on Community site!
    Posted by Vince Roncalio November 10

    We have recently added the forums on the community site!


    As the forums are an integral part of a community, it brings all our social sharing under one location.  


    Bringing people togther, sharing knowledge for all Universal Kind...


  • Workshop Organization Update
    Posted by Vince Roncalio October 15


    Are you interested in becoming a Keshe Foundation official workshop teacher?

    Send an email to!

    The Foundation is gathering all workshop groups together under the banner of the Foundation. The Foundation will help promote workshops, will provide guidance and resources and Mr. Keshe can be called upon to attend your workshops via online. Let us help you.

    Become an official workshop teacher today!

  • 3 members led by Kent Estes
    Conversation to help strengthen and advance progress and studies of the (4) different Magrav units currently known:
    1) KFFSI unit
    2) 2 stacker disconnected unit
    3) 1 Stack unit...  more
  • 5 members led by Carlo Douglass
    Tips and experiences
  • 1 member led by Thomas Connell
    Keshe plasma support group for Houston residents. Confidential email to
  • 1 member led by Wayne Nguyen
    Universal Council Vietnamese Language is open for all register Vietnamese and other languages speaking peoples all over the beautiful planet earth and the universe. I wish all the people who join enjoying plasma knowledge,clarity of universal truth, wisd...  more
  • 2 members led by Melhli Jamila
    Universal Council Group for Arabic Language Speakers
  • 1 member led by Michel Demers
    This is a good way to share our feelings and knowledge within the French Community worldwide.
  • 3 members led by Chaoao Shi
    Group for native Mandarin speakers.
  • 1 member led by Mosfeq Rashid
    Universal Council Group for Bengali Language speaking people
  • 1 member led by Radu Rumega
    Universal Council Group for Romanian Language Speakers