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    • August 21, 2018 3:28 PM CEST
    • This is what I was thinking about.

      So, if You follow me, I shall explain what it is all about.

      I shall try to publish all my posts here in order to create a unitary document, that is aimed to help and enlight the reader that is looking for content, solutions

      etc... that cannot be found in bits and pieces published here and there in reversed logical order. Because of invisible matters that are there even if you do not see them.

      I shall publish my thoughts and questions in the order they came to my mind, here, to give You the opportunity to follow a linear path.


      188 Are Geopolitics and Diplomacy part of the teachings that cannot free themselves form the consequences of rigidity? Secrecy, forbidden patents and obscured data, carried on by China, is something that I do not understand. They apparently signed the peaceful application form, but nevertheless decided not to share openly what they are doing. Knowledge seekers are sharing most of their findings freely with the Foundation and the world, so this attitude looks a little anachronistic. l suppose that ideologically speaking, Mr Keshe's first version of the Loving Brave New World Strawberry Fields Forever, has faded away, replaced by the Human Subdued Cultural condition, that is truly optative and retrograde. Since, the change is not here, and we cannot really expect G men to meet the standards of the Conscience and Insight Galaxians share, we shall have to rethink all over again the entire project. Solid ground of this kind is so sticky that no one will be allowed to leave planet. No Luna Park trips to the sky, please.



      189 No Luna Park Trips to the sky please. Let's try to rise our coscience first. Results are not there, because we are not working on the soul. We are working as usual, on a matter level, and, scientifically speaking, repeating time and time again, events that could fall into the realm of singularity, or, non repetition, just to stop us from creating others any problems. You never thought about the idea that if you do not act Harmonically, fields will stop You. Your Ego, since it is the gravitational center of your identity, being the cause of Your fall into heavier and heavier materiality. I hope that you shall reconsider altogether the topic. Engines and technology, would do, if only You had a proper vision. Distorted perspectives, do not offer long journeys, but JoJo trips. The greater the effort, the weaker the Force.  Do not concentrate, solidification, is still the opposite of what You should be looking for. Let go. Do not engineer, but, condensate quintessence. Stop using your hands, questions, common thought, third party examples and plagiarism.


      190 A little piece of advice: Do not engineer, but, condensate quintessence. Stop using your hands, questions, common thought, third party examples and plagiarism. Whiteboards, balckboards and notebooks, help, if You know what You are looking for. Drawings, make things clear to a bidimensional mind, linear logic and non paradoxical thought. Understand the pespective, please. If You have no idea about what You are doing, just don't waste your time. Someone else will eventually reach the sky and send you a post card one day. Now,  someone wants all of us to reach the sky at once. This cannot be accepted. We could make a mess, of ourselves and others. Nature, acts lovingly and with great respect. A few, is enough. A small group, even one, to begin. Moltitudes, of the kind we meet at the stadium, are not fit to enjoy peaceful harmony and stillness. Void, will be your madness. Take care.


      191 Void, is what happens when you take a walk through a desert, sea, the north pole or a mountain. Nature, is something people do not understand anymore. Citizens, at least.  Solitude. It takes quite a lot of stability to face this lack of cultural information and exchange. Heads everywhere. Just take a look. Products and Heads everywhere. You are at the moment living in a projection, made to produce an accelerated exchange Sensory overload and super information, that has to do with urbanization, crowding, noise, mass media, technology, and the explosive growth of nonsensical data that is transforming our normal state into a syndrome. This, due to a consumistic attitude that has eneterd most of the cycles society offers us. Space, is natural. Empty, from our point of view. Madness will appear as soon as we reach it's silence. Internal chaos is at the moment so high, that even psichiatry cannot effect it with drugs made to slow down things. You should meditate, first. I speak in behalf of your conscience.


      192 Mitigate action and think wisely. There is no order in what You are doing, because uncontrolled minds, especially if You are all working 25 hours a day, but are not truly interlinked, shall be partial and reach selfish results. Your spirit will be there, but not Your Souls. True arrogance, is to believe that You can do whatever You want and whenever You like. Kingship, and the realms of these gods, being ultimately a projection of our egO. Atma, is something that we do not understand, consider, include, share, most of the time, in our actions and thoughts. Just like art. We like it, of course, but rarely practice it, and buy it only if it is an affair. This way, we miss values, and Internet, which is a virtual exxoteric technical instrument that does not connect us, but create virtual links. This, becomes a control trojanized mechanism that is there to organize reality as it should be following the optative dualistic bidimensional empire projection. Space, is not what you are going to fill it with. You are generating the consequences of your karma.  

      193 Whenever a condition is created, manifestation will take place. Change, will be the consequence. Transformation will follow. If inception induced the change, nevertheless, this shall not last. If maturity is there, You shall not fall back . Vice, is a loop game. Recursive thought, keep appearing all the time if You lose control. Mind, is an instrument. What You feed it with, will make you what you let those thougts make you. This has nothing to do with conscience. It has to do with plagiarism. A cloned Humanity, that finds pleasure in belonging to infinite repetitions and mirrored standards, lacks of the link with the Soul. Spirits in this material world, are caged. Soul is elswhere. A car did not make the difference. Nor, an airplane or a submarine. A starship, won't make it. The greatest distance we meet is in fact the one that put's us in contact with our true soul. Mahatma is the key.


      194 Quantum Cymatics, within the Harmonic Field Multiversal Model, make things possible. Manifestation takes place. Evidence shows. It is our vision that is in cause. We abused the gift of projection, to obtain what we wanted. We believed in the gifts of the gods, and followed them. Desires, come from desidero, and ultimately, De "sydero", has to do with syderal space and where it came from. They brought us wonderful gifts. Trojanized us with their thought, faith and viruses. They had to change even our DNA, to make us do what they wanted us to do. Follow them. Obey and become. This one that we are living in, is the byproduct of an hybrid creation, functional to the needs of the aliens that came here some time ago. Primary directive speaks clear. They did not practice it. We do not practice it. GM organisms, are a consequence. We cannot hold back ourselves. Imprinting is a terrible stigmata.  

      195 204.000 thound years ago, our DNA has been manipulated. It it all written there. 5 major changes. It only takes 8 hours to clone a Human DNA and save it to an hard disk. One therabyte disk will do. It is only a matter of having the knowledge to read it. Understand it. Find out what happened. We are following the same path with informatics. We had to densify and replicate what we met, to understand it. We wanted to become gods. This was our goal. But the gods that manipulated us were not gods, unfortunately. They messed up things a little, to meet their needs. We do the same. Fruits, food, animals and humans have been transformed by manipulating DNA. Intent, makes the difference. Since you are looking for adventure, you shall find yourselves at the end of the path, waiting for You. Take a sit, here, next to the flowing river. Use gans to deprogram.

      Deprogramming refers to measures that claim to assist a person who holds a controversial belief system in changing those beliefs and abandoning allegiance to the religious, political, economic, or social group associated with the belief system. Since you are not abandoning allegiance to powers, You shall respond to them even if they have not value at all in space.

      This is paradoxical.


      196 Deprogramming refers to measures that claim to assist a person who holds a controversial belief system in changing those beliefs and abandoning allegiance to the religious, political, economic, or social group associated with the belief system. Since you are not abandoning allegiance to powers, You shall respond to them even if they have not value at all in space. This is a paradoxical, anachronistic and the best way to go against common sense. We need true conscience to meet things that have nothing to do with our culture, models, values, beliefs. We need to build a stable and centered position, and not to bring with ou our prejudices, flags, coat of arms, and contracts. Our law, has nothing to do with Dharma any more. It is the selfish consequence of abuse. This is a fact. We all know this. Law is owned nowadays, through abuse, as usual. It's obsolete, as the legitimation it uses to carry on personal matters against the interest of the moltitude. Out there, no chance. Common sense is the law. Love and respect.  


      197 Spinning plasmatic devices are what you need. Although spinning gans could do for medical purposes, you could even spin up coils, and obtain a more powerful field interaction than the one you can see in static models. As long as You shake it well, it will give more because of exitation. It is a well known topic. Everywhere in the universe. Particles, colliding one against the other, produce field play. This is the gain You  will see. Since youcould go a little further, I advice You to test the frequency resonance of the matter, liquid, gaseus or plasmatic  state You want to force to give a little more than what it does. Eventually, if you take one to the other level, it will give you energy accordingly to the time it requires to go back to it's own place. This is the miracle of moving things around. Flow. Fluxes. Stream. So, do not move your reactors, just resonate them.  Chords. That's all. I'm a composer, I do it all the time. Change people's moods, enable them to see, rise their conscience etc... Resonance is the key. Vortices will follow.  

      Take a look at the gravitational pull of this image that is bending the straight line of the picture....

      198 Ripples in space and time, follow everytime you spin up things. When you are happy, and you are excited, time flies. It is as simple as this. So, physiscs, just say a common knowledge in a diffcult way. Vortices come in pairs. Never alone. What you move here, moves there. Take a circle.  A wide one. If you create a Vortex in front of you, You shall see another one appearing on the other side of the vector. Depending on hte lenght wave or the size of the push, you shall see booth of them following the horizontal vector on a planar surface. Both vortices will be rotating, and spinning in opposite directions. The circle itself, will be composed of two parts. A visible, that you will see in a medium, water for example, and an ivisible, that you will no see in the air. In the tunnel, you shall see two spinning vortices spinning, outer one containing the inner one. They will not merge. Polarities balance themselves all the time. So, any energy shall have its counterpart. Your reactors are in fact, double ones. See fields as balanced coupled formations.


      199 Since a typical reactor is made by 4 spinning engines, that usually contain ganses, but could in fact contain plasmatic devices themselves, as coils and much more, then, you shall see ripples coming out on both sides of the front waves you are creating. Your system will resemble in such a way, to a Merkabah, and specular formation could appear spinning alltogether in the opposite direction. You shall see there, 8 fluxes, x 2. 16 flowing tunnels linking the bended starting and ending point of the semicircles. You will find energy there. Manifestation of it. Magnetism, gravity, light, etc... But do not forget that You are in reality working with 8 spinning circles. This is what I called Linkshaa, many years ago, and although two tethahedrons make this structure, a cube shape will follow, and the philosophical stone itself may appear to the alchemist. Corners, hold in place. Everything depends on the amount of energy given to the system.  Speed, effects angles. Space-Time distortion will follow. It takes 5 minutes, not 237 teachings.


      200 It takes five minutes to explain basic transtemporal and spatial positiong quantum Physiscs to the average galaxian. I keep asking myself why all this is taking  more than 237 teachings! Is there a glitch ? A mistake in our DNA imprinting? We constantly forget what we are doing, thinking about, facing, and keep repeating the same mistakes all the time, and following paid paths that do not go towards our soul, but meet the needs of a materiality created by the owners of scarcity. Nevertheless, if you could say all this in a few words, it could help. There must be some recursive monkey virus somewhere that does not allow You and Us, to reach a higher level of conscience. I suppose a polymorph one. You just met Glyphosate, and forgot to take care about acrylammide, benzopyrene, fluor, and bleach. Alluminium in salt and antitraspirants. What do you need other worlds for if you are not able to make this one a paradise?   Shangrilah. Start cleaning up, and then we shall re-think about it. Only then, we shall go.   

      U.S. Shangrilah

      201 Now let's consider Pens. Why does a pen work? The phenomenon is due to Spinplasmonics. This field, generated by the combination of spintronics and plasmonics. The field was pioneered by Professor Abdulhakem Elezzabi.  The most elementary spinplasmonic device consists of a bilayer structure made from magnetic and nonmagnetic metals. It is the nanometer scale interface between such metals that gives rise to an electron spin phenomenon. The plasmonic current is generated by PLSM FLX excitation and its properties can be manipulated by applying a weak magnetic field. Electrons with a specific spin state can cross the interfacial barrier, but those with a different spin state are impeded. Essentially, switching operations are performed with the electrons spin and then sent out as a plasmatic light signal. Spinplasmonic devices potentially have the advantages of high speed, miniaturization, low power consumption, and multifunctionality. The interaction between atomic spins realigns the magnetic moments.


      202 In physics a plasmon is a quantum of plasma oscillation. Just as  light (an optical oscillation) consists of photons, the plasma oscillation consists of plasmons. The plasmon can be considered as a quasiparticle, since it arises from the quantization of plasma oscillations, just like phonons, are quantizations of mechanical vibrations. Quantizations, because they are rhytmical, are naturally resonant. Thus, plasmons are collective oscillations of the free electron gas density. At optical frequencies, plasmons can couple with a photon to create another quasiparticle called a plasmon polariton. Plasmons play a large role in the optical properties of metals. Light of frequencies below the PLSM FREQ is reflected by a material because the electrons in the material screen the electric field of the light. Light of frequencies above the plasma frequency is transmitted by a material because the electrons in the material cannot respond fast enough to screen it. Packets of PLSMTC energy are sentient. They are conscient.


      203 Resonant phonons, are what you should look for, instead of working, dimentionally speaking, in the wrong octave or harmonic range. Size matters. Choose nano if you are working on nano. Peta, has nothing to do with Giga, Thera or Femto. Infinitesimal, has still its own size and relates to it in specific ways. Stop using hammers to kill visuses. Everything that happens to exists, and is alive, in the multiverse, oscillates. This  great number of frequencies, and not a specific one only, is a chord, and distinctive proportional signature. We love so much to match numbers, but in fact, this attitude is completely false. Spinnig wheels generates frequencies according to their mechanical movements. Metaphysically speaking, "persona", person, is created by 30 trillions cells, and is the total sum of them, although you may still think that You are the owner of your egO. This is a common mistake. You belong to. Find the phonon resonance that matches your devices and where the interaction gate stands.

      204  Do not forget to consider the possible effects of mini black holes, strange attractors and gravitational lenses and Daleks, of course. Size is the key, considering proportions. Ratio, is another way you could call it. Learn how to transpose correctly measures. In music, for example, we do this in a perfect but completely  wrong way. Even onomatopeic words  are disappearing nowadays. This is a consequence of the cultural abuse of secrecy and codecs, cryptic language and other instruments created to hide, rather than to communicate. Analogic, replaced by digital binary numbers. Data, which have nothing to do with vibrations, for example, do not offer insight, but distance.  Fine tuning is the key.  I advice You to work with resonant phonons, and your sistems will be able to reach higher energetic fluxes. The Blowing Umbrella effect is a consequence of opening a window whilst a Tornado is hitting the city. Before switching your reactors on again, find the right ratio, and change the hour of your experiments, because here it keeps raining every day at 5PM.  

      205 Raining, raining, raining every day at five on the dot. Switch it off.  Plasmons are collective electron oscillations usually excited at metal surfaces by a light source. Doped graphene layers have also shown the similar surface plasmon effects to that of metallic thin films. Through the engineering of metallic substrates or nanoparticles (e.g., gold, silver and copper) with graphene, the plasmonic properties of the hybrid structures could be tuned for improving the optoelectronic device performances. Since you added quite a few layers on your copper coils, you should try this as well. Multiple layers will tune up your coils to a specific range. Then, you shall find out what they are connected to, if you are still not aware of what you are doing. When the plasmons are resonant at the graphene/metal surface level, a strong electric field is induced which enhances the generation of SPIN SPYRS fluxes.  Metals are only transparent to light with higher frequency than the metal's plasma frequency.  Ne 10 el23 cm-3.  which is ultraviolet.


      206 The word plasma comes fromAncient Greek,  p??sµa?, meaning 'moldable substance, or Jelly. Sir William Crookes called it Radiant matter, and Irving Langumuir used this word deriving it from chemistry.  Plasma is a state of matter in which a ionised gaseous substance becomes highly electically conductive, to the point that long-range electric and magnetic fields dominate the behaviour of the matter. Plasma is an electrically neutral medium of unbound positive and negative particles . Although these particles are unbound, they are not "free" in the sense of not experiencing forces. Moving charged particles generate an electric current within a magnetic field, and any movement of a charged plasma particle affects and is affected by the fields created by the other charges. In turn this governs collective behaviour with many degrees of variation. Since flux variations are what we are looking for, once you match the resonant frequency of the devices you run, the flow will reach the circuit and activate it. Experiencing forces.  

      207 Helloooooo!!! Helloooooooo!! Why don't you try this one. You still hav four engines in your star formation, so, just add 4 more. A double one will look like a Merkabah. Now, just take a close look to the shape of the star. What can You see? 8 mini star formations working all together. Now, since you are thinking about levitation, and vertical shift, then, controlling vectorial fluxes to move sideways, you shall have to rethink your model from the start. It's a good starting point, but, please, calculate the interactions you have here. This is not simply a 2 star double formation, but a multiple 8 star formation. Now you are starting to understand the problem. We will not simply shift axis X Y Z, but work on T aswell. Since T curvature will enter immediately in the calculations. Vectors will subsequntly Spin Spyrs within a Vortex Fields, and Ripples and Twirls will be your new starting point. Since, materiality is linked to XYZ, but lives within T, and T itself, is contained in a WARP HyperPhysical Continuum that is trinary itself.


      208 Now, you shall need quite a few engines if you want to test this one.  8 star formation make it 32 . This structure, should be solid, but flexible, probably Titanium could work. It should create nano oscillations and not "vibrations" of the kind you can feel here, within X Y Z axis, like sound or audible wave propagation, trembling engines, buzz, ddrrrr, or whatever... shhhhh.... we are working with Sacred Geometry, what's all this noise!!!  No apparent moving parts please. Are we going Nano or not? Since what you are going to do is to move to the next level, I am going to ask you something: How big is a thought? Ever tried to measure it? And Spirit? An your Soul?  So, center you conscience there, and then you will see. If you are not able to keep it there, forget it. It is something that takes a lfe time. Stillness, to reach stillness, where everything is Panta Rei.  Here, floating inside the Space Time Continuum You will meet the Warping condition, and twirls and ripples will tickle You. This is called Love, and death does not exist because it has no end.


      209 I would go Coils, at this point, beacuse you have bought so much copper wire that it would be wasted, but there are quite a few races that use the strangest things I have ever seen, to reach the aim. From my point of view, you are too physical, bet nevertheless I will tell You what I used. I used sound. That's it. Plenty do. Why should a physical state exist if there is no spiritual one? How much space does a Spiritual state occupy? Not much. So, as long as you can touch, things exist. As long as you cannot see them, they do not exist. What a pity. Such a limited vision. This was your mistake. Thomas. Yes. So, ask yourself why Radioncs worked even if you used a simple pencil to draw a diagram of a sacred geometry. It's alchemy. Hyperphysics aswell. In so many ways, the graphite structure, works as an antenna on a sheet of paper. Bidimensionality is not a limit. Even our 3D antennas, have their limits, but work. So, if you use blue cobalt, let's say pen ink, you could even read it with an X ray machine. It works fine. Bank notes have antennas.


      210 Even bank notes have antennas placed inside them. Money, shines, if you are able to illuminate it. The sum of a magic number tells me where you come from. You signed. Stigmata, never fades. Imprinting, and all that comes later will be a simple karmic consequence of your past actions. A ring, that chose a chain. It did not ring. And you lost your chance. So, whilst you were asleep, someone chained you and your world. This is the meaning of Unchaining You, before reaching the sky. Money does not count there. No value at all. Because it has no power on the soul that is centered, and only works on the weak ones that are enslaved to dark ones. Take a look. Dorset. Aug 2014. What does it mean? See the angle of the sides? It is not a mistake. You are meant to fold it and close it in the right shape. Understand it. Work within the Force. No opposition. Do not criticize me or anyone else. Shine through. Test your IQ.

      211 Unfortunately, considering Knowledge Seekers Crop Lesson 2477 You missd it, and you have to go back there to study it again. Earthboard lessons, as you may call them, soon disappear. Inability to understand what crop circles are all about, fortunately, does not ingenerate critics. The limit of basic logic and psycology, does not allow to reach what is sacred. It is some sort of magical protection, purity, and harmony, share with the ones that are pure, and the ones that do not reach insight and awareness, because they have so many things to do, shall not. So, there exist indeed so many ways. What's the point in trying to rise you conscience to another level, a higher frequency, if you want to reach that level in you actual shape and density. See the states!!! Solid, liquid, gaseus, plasmatic... etc... so, isn't this attitude quite paradoxical? You skin is your limit. Your egO is your cage. Spiritualize yourself.


      212 How much energy do you need to hold your physical state in water? 2000 $ will do. What about flying though the air? let's say a minimum of 20000 $. So, let's go Plasmatic... How much would it take? 20.000.000 $ So, consider the amount of money spent individually by each one of us following Keshe's teachings. Now, add Governments money, private research, etc... etc...  this is going to shok you. And who is going to pay the price of Disergy? Selfishness, is in fact due to the arrogance we allow our behaviour to abuse of ourselves and others, and the money it pays, of course, that pushes people into slavery hoping to become kings one day. Disergy, is exactly what is happening. No connection. Interaction. Secrecy and the usual research system working for profit. Open Source? Not at all. You need to get rid of weight, instead, you keep adding matter. You smile when you lose 5 ounces, EXPERIMENTS!!! and If I throw away all your engines in the bin, you shout. 4 stones :-) Lighter is better.  Think Nano. Unite, share, reduce it.


      213 Spiritual understanding, take a great deal of change. Paradigm shift, is something that is not easily reached. To lose weight, miniaturize. Size, enables, but, on the other hand, does not enable. Invite Ganesha to dinner, and You will find out by Yourself. Your door is the problem. Your limit. A door, is a sense. Your senses are not ready to receive, perceive, undestand what is of such a different size that you could not see it, even with a telescope or a microscope. The Dragon and The Infinitesimal, are so distant from your point of view, dear brother, that no translation would do. Soul, as a Sephirot, if you understand the meaning of the Sacred Tree, and place the spheres one inside the other, will show You the miracle of Matrioska. Spiritualized Men, that you may call Saints, show NIMBUS, or the sphere, right around their head. That is Conscience. So, within conscience, you shall reach. In matter, you shall learn how to. Are you going to move the table outside? Ganesha is still waiting....

      214 Move your soul inside, instead. Weight, is in fact acting in the opposite direction. Isn't it Gravitational? You want to fly! Attitudes, make us what we are. Habits, models, even style, fashion, cultural imprinting, opinions, projections and language itself, eggregore, body language, subliminals and example, bend our will and our wishes towards recursive cycles that become orbits soon enought. Looped minds, are possibly most of the time under a  spell. You need to work on the gravitational side of emotions, that are linked to your physical body and give you sensations that you believe, are feelings. But feelings, do not belong to the physical sphere, because they are pure. If a feeling is not pure, it will depend upon sensations, needs and benefits, pleasure and command, and will not resonate. If it is pure, then, you know what I am talking about. If it is not, You know that it is just a natural need gone densified. It is Desire. Let it go. Lighter is better. Spiritualize thought and action. Be accordingly, Harmonize yourself.

      215 Solids, are shapes that depend upon linear logic. When we think about one, and we want to draw it, we shall calculate X Y Z, axis and angles, and we will reach their shape. Perfection, in so many ways, is there. Symmetry. What we believe is the principle of identity. So, as soon as we meet a double, or an half, we fall in love. This is because of resonance. We live in a Harmonic field, that we do not even see, because it is invisible to us, but fall in love with everything that has a shape that has something to do with harmonics. Blood is family, and GrandPa is harmonical to Father and Son. Quarter, half, one. This is the meaning of a body that apparently is made by adding together two halves. And Feminine and Masculine that are made to match, and are halves again. So, one, is the sum. Synergy. Add on, and you will meet the multiverse. Life and Love will be right in the middle. No mistake. Navel, belly button, and all the other openings. Call it Pleasurable Tangibility. In between. There is no mistake. Too gravitational, Angels would say...


      So, try the 8 star formation, with 32 reactors, and let's see if it works!!! But please, go Nano. 


      Jedi Simon

    • July 24, 2018 1:11 AM CEST
    • Regarding spaceship designs.

      A lot of development and understanding of varoise factors that will be needed to build a sustainable craft has already taken place.
      Whats needed now is to bring these new developments and new understandigs together to form a viable device.
      Coming from a microgeneration backgroud I have taken the approach from an energy efficient perspective.
      Adding in Energy supplys, heavy magnets and coils and components only pushes our ability to make a useable device further away.
      Looking at ways to provide a device that compleats the task in hand and being lightweight and energy efficient has to be the way forward.
      We must take the attributes we want to achive and replicate them in a new way.
      For plasma production it involves very high voltage albeit at a very low power. Today we are using mains electricity, heavy coils and capacitors etc.
      Biulding all this into a system pushes the bar higher and makes our goals further away.
      With a different method of providing very high low amp power is attainable with products we already know.
      For example. A cigarette lighter with a piezoelectric sparker can produce over 1000v. That one very small device that causes a spark to light the gas.
      A pezio cell 1cm2 can produce a quantifiable amount of Electric current. Its been well researched and they are many papers from notable scorces that can confirm outputs.
      Incorporating a pizio cell of a much larger proportion would be the eqivallent of a snall battery.
      Having a number of these pizio cell in line can further increase the output and push its combined work to begin to come near to a useable amount.
      This can then be multplied by having a seris of these devices all focused to the same point and attain a device with notable power.
      This is only one way efficiency can be engineerd. Incorporating other elements into this same energy device we can then transform its attributes into something nore positive to exploit plasma reactions.
      Sort of a power device come waveguide giving out a suitable frequency and having a bit of power.
      This combination of focus approach of a usable electical wave can then be recycled and sent around the system by using a coil operating at a similar frequency located byond the plasma reactor. Once sparked up and all at frequency it could work on very small amonts of power to maintain it and almost self sufficient.

    • July 19, 2018 5:56 AM CEST
    • Urgent message from MT KESHE from July 14 2018:

      "Would like to ask for all those around the world who have a dynamic star formation to run them:

      from Monday July 16 2018 at 6 AM CST (China Standard Time) UTC+8 ( 00:00 CEST) 

      We are going for the test of space lift and motion in China from that time and need to harmonize the fields.

      This will be like when we stopped the motor in Italy and when we achieved 129 Tesla.

      We need the collective consciousness of the mankind of the change to come.

      And that we collectively make the effort and support Chinese team."


      To show support for the Chinese KF group who are working on attaining lift, let's use this area to post pictures of all the running Star Formation reactors created by knowledge seekers from around the world! 

      Here is the Facebook Album with all the pics:

    • July 9, 2018 2:18 PM CEST
    • Position, has nothing to do with imposition, although you might merge the two perceptions in one Ego. Looking at it from the outside, it will be the position. Just a simple placement. According to YOUR ego, feeling the pull of the position of the planet that stands in front of you, you shall feel the gravitational pull as imposition. Looking at it from the inside, you shall experience a simple limitation to your tropism and understanding according to the unbalanced field that does not enable your conscience to reach a higher awareness. Since, your position is a common one, due to speculations based on mirrored equal/different directions of singular vectors, you shall miss curvature. "One day a monk, met God in person, and guess what he told him..... Your Ego is too Vast...". ( according to his own position of course....), but going back to the answer you were looking for, just read about the mutaforma and metaforma shifting realities. Since your 3D understanding, is a fixed basis rigid one, it will not give you a single chance to reach curvature, even if you spin up your balls according to..... You may criticize people, and speak about humility, humbleness and arrogance, and destruction, and it is still your perception that built this reactor. You decided to put on top of your reactor a destruction gans, and arrogance, which are gravitational, and the abstract ones of humility, which is magnetical, and humbleness, which carries together with its position, rejection, so, another gravirational prejudice based field. Your reactor shall not be stable. You shall crash, falling back to your planet, because of a disharmonic structural defect. I am so sorry you had to write this answer to me. And thank you for the teaching on prejudice that you just made. You have not perceived the intention, and not focused your attention on the |0| absolute value of the concepts i shared with you. But giving us this opportunity we both shared mundane speculation based on interference. The problem of a judging god, is irrelevant to harmony. Power is nothing, but a will, separated from the Force. I do not answer to you when you reply in such a way to me, but to conscience. I am not teaching you anything. You decide how to make good use or reject the gifts that someone is sharing with you. So spend 240 hours teaching us what you have understood in the next few days, and we shall thank you for your work. Wrong positioning and wrong ganses, do not help.

      Shielding, speed, frequency, density, mixture of fluxes, vibrations, interferences, temperature, magnetic flux, gravitational pull, intent and etheric fields, environment and dynamic shifting alterations, not considered into your reactor's equation, will create greater problems than shape itself or disposition variables. I do not teach, in fact. I position.

      Now you shall reconsider the impact of these variables and vectors in your future drawings and models.
      I shall not speak about the other 24 missing from the list I just gave You, since I suppose that You did not read and study attentively "Vymanika Shastra" as I adviced You to do.

      Adequacy, the quality or state of being adequate, makes professionals inadequate to meet the paradigm shift that is required to enter the Multiversal Vision. Monolateral vision, express itself better in a dualistic world, that is the essence of the Empire. Dividi et Impera. Thumbs up, Thumbs down, is in fact the limit of the social media speculations, based on sentence, comment, negative opinion, that adds zero content, and keeps things spinning right where they are, just going nowhere..... because of the lack of information, maturity and awareness of the passive majority.  You shall not meet nuclear engineers in space, but plasmatic hairdressers. Ask Mr.Keshe, I am shure he will give you the same answer. 

      Jedi Simon With Love.

      Smile, enjoy life and share freely what you are from your heart with no fear of inadequacy.
      This, I bet, in so many ways, is what you always felt, and the reason why you came here today, looking for an answer.




      I really cant's stand having to climb all these stairs to reach the kitchen and have a sandwich, three times a day. ( even if it is a plasmatic one )

      Why didn't the starship designer place the kitchen on level Zero? I hope He was not thinking about opening the first space restaurant of the quadrant

      at that time, because sometimes I get a little space sick, and toilets are one deck below.


    • July 3, 2018 6:55 AM CEST
    • Jedi my friend you need to take a closer look at your personality and adequacy in life. I`m sure you think highly of yourself, but please don`t impose that on people around you. Especially by placing irrelevant to the topic information. I know you feel this information to be very important (to you) and you feel obligated to enlighten us with your deep knowledge and understanding. Nevertheless in the path of every truth seeker, and knowledge seeker there is a time when the spiritual ego pops in and you think you have reached enlightenment only to fall hard on your ass. Then you learn a bit about humility and humbleness. There are few things I don`t like in people and one of them is arrogance. Spiritual arrogance is amongst the first that can destroy your soul and bring involution rather than evolution. 
      You might think why am I writing this. Well, we see its a chit-chat place here already. I actually expected someone to have a comment on the spaceship design that I posted and review it from plasma standpoint to have a better discussion and find knowledge in each other. Pitty I find a guy that wants to enlighten me and show me how enlightened he is himself. Peace love and harmony should not be simply words that get imposed by someone believing he reached those states. 
      I really do hope you understand. 


    • June 29, 2018 8:50 PM CEST
    • The problem with subtle worlds, and their recognition, does not realte to the fact that you cannot see most of them, because they are invisible to the physycal eye

      in the density of matter, but because, by perceiving something other than what materialism and dogmatism taught, you shall have to face paradox

      because of your limited vision and dualistic mind, in fact, transformed into a binary code optative one since childhood.

      This, uni verse, exclusive reality, controlled throught a spell, renewed constantly through media and culture, holds back the entire multiverse

      from pouring into this limited perception. So, seers and believers, mediums and poets, artists and creative peolple, share the same solitude

      and impossibility to share the immensity of what they feel, with others, with words that feel empty.

      Not been able to reach them, in some way, they will try to share through their own spiritual perception, art, to bring light where darkness brought shadow.


      Since, we are talking about entering the invisible dimensions, beacause our density amounts only to 1 percent of what we can see in the cosmos,

      we shall have to face this problem sooner or later. This is why we called every winged creature of the sky, Angel, or even God. Undestranding

      through physicality, when we found out that they ha blood in their veins and could be killed, we decided that they were no Gods anymore,

      again, lacking imagination, because there exist innnumerable creatures that do not need a liquid or fluid transfer of energy and gases to survive.


      So, we called them Gods, but soon found out that because of hteir interest into materiality and attraction to it, they were not Gods at all.

      Alien Creaturess, as it happens to be, from all over the multiverse, share subtile bodies, although only a few, go for materiality and exercises of this kind.

      This is what I call the Misery of man, although no original sin, from the point of view of originality, is nothing special in the Multiverse, and it does not start

      with the origin of a position, but rather, as soon as the consequences of actions are created, from karma. Samskara, is the answer.


      Bardo,a way to format the spirit that failed before he has to reincarnate again and live a condition that will teach it equilibrium and harmony.

      So, even if we are talking about starships, fallen angels and the genesis, we shall face in a short time, the mistery of creation, to such and extent,

      that many will hyde away, not to see, and will shut their eyes and senses to change. It is a matter of vibration, related to refresh.

      It's no one's fault, but ours, since presence, is a state of mind. Chance Gardner told us this, and walked on the water.

      So, if I told you that Pandora's myth teaches us to fear Gods,  but there is nothing wrong with the multiverse,

      this means that some So called God introduced poisen in the jar because of Prometheus' theft of the secret of fire.

      Human resentment apparently, prooving once for all that even if blood does not run in their veins, theese Gods were quite limited in undestanding

      field positioning and Harmony.


      Quote wiki:

      In Greek mythology, Pandora (Greek: Πανδώρα, derived from πᾶν, pān, i.e. "all" and δῶρον, dōron, i.e. "gift", thus "the all-endowed", "all-gifted" or "all-giving" was the first human woman created by the gods, specifically by Hephaestus and Athena on the instructions of Zeus. As Hesiod related it, each god helped create her by giving her unique gifts. Zeus ordered Hephaestus to mold her out of earth as part of the punishment of humanity for Prometheus' theft of the secret of fire, and all the gods joined in offering her "seductive gifts". Her other name—inscribed against her figure on a white-ground kylix in the British Museum—is Anesidora (Ancient Greek: Ἀνησιδώρα), "she who sends up gifts"(up implying "from below" within the earth).

      The Pandora myth is a kind of theodicy, addressing the question of why there is evil in the world. According to this, Pandora opened a jar (pithos), in modern accounts sometimes mistranslated as "Pandora's box", releasing all the evils of humanity. Hesiod’s interpretation of Pandora’s story, which is widely considered as misogynous, went on to influence both Jewish and Christian theology and so perpetuated her bad reputation into the Renaissance.


      So to speak, when I share my thoughts with you, explanations and teachins, I hope you will not react to them closing your mind and sticking prejudice on me.

      It would make the only difference that you wasted or lost the chance to see and understand this principle today.

      Then, beacause your greatest fear of all is death, I am going to show you that you must not fear tomorrow's clothes, and you shall excersise your soul

      for a very long time to come, without dying.


      Masters, taught us that life is eternal, but to us, their teachings, in science and faith, are unreachable.

      Metaphysically speaking, so distant and abstrac,t from our actual point of view, that we cannot ccop with such a kind of ideas, without going crazy,

      and rejecting them instantaneusly.


      If we are not able to see or sense even our subtile bodies, how will we ever have a chance to see the magnificence of creation?


      I shall take you one step further today, so, just try to sense the meaning of what I am sharing with you freely.

      Before even reaching the sky, in my Star Ship, "Conscience", as I called it, that you saw some post ago, ( the one that has the simplest shape of all, a Sephiroth )

      I had to encounter what the bardo explains, and meet the beeings of the different planes, thanking them for their teachings and the opportunity to sense them with respect.


      Although you shall find detailed explanations in the Vedic Culture, tTibetan Bardo and Egyptian papyrus, plenty more explained us, continuosly, these concepts

      throughout history. We just missed them time and time again. I am no prophet. I am not a medium. A messanger, maybe, and apologize for the purity

      of what I have to show you today. It is called Rebirth, in some way, and it is your conscience that will tell you all about it. Meditate, and go deeper.


      He who understands the vision, that appeared in front of my eyes, and is able to fix his Conscience in that position, will be free.

      We come and go. We never die. But if we want to reach the sky, we shall have to do it respectfully. Work on our limits and position, to elevate our souls.


      May the Force be with you. The Force to understand, The Force to be, The Force to Love and share.

      Jedi Simon





      Jedi Simon 




    • June 29, 2018 12:59 PM CEST

      Once you reach this kind of fields, you are free.

      Unfortunately, lower fields, sometimes are so dense and strong, that will limit your ships.

      Even is the solution seems to be a plasmatic one, if you are not aware of what is happening to you

      or you have no idea how to face a certain vibration, this will crack your shell.

      Density issues can be solved. Vibrational ones, need time to shift to a higher level of conscience.

      It took me quite a few months to reach the purity level needed. An entire lifetime dedicated to harmony,

      music, sound and inter relation of invisible fields into organized and ordered compositions.

      In so many ways transmutation is my job, mathemagically speaking. Contrappunto.

      I will show you some day the scratched image of the limit of our body. Shape bag.

      Dreams, filter through body quite easily. Astral takes time. Etheric, even more. Pure Awareness a long long time.

      Illumination and shaktipat are not reachable at will. Exercise and discipline might help. Whenever you question yourself 

      if I am talking aout physical or metaphysical concepts, remember that there is no such subdivision.

      Not knowing what to do with some object, knowledge or device, is in fact direct consequence of not being able to

      find out what it's purpose is. So, do not touch until you learn. This is called Multiversal respect.

      It is a law, in the sense that who does not follow common sense, will pay for its own mistakes.

      Once we shall see, the monkey within ourselves, will try to copy and reverse engineer everything it can.

      Too bad. What resonates with other beings seldom resonates with our needs.

      And please, do not believe that up there you can bring with you mirrors and a barrel of shinig stones of no value.



    • June 29, 2018 11:13 AM CEST
    • Thank You for uploading back the posts that disappeared. Note that today, only 3 lines of text appear in the home page of the first page. Whenever you press "more", nothing happens, because the text has been cut in 3, and two thirds of it are nowhere. I hope this is again a bug. Someone is still working with structural values and introducing disergy. Please, enable usual "more" command, and find out where LOKI is hyding.

      Ship design, as I found out some time ago, is something that we see in a fixed materiality world, as the shape of an object, in which we enclose identificatio.

      During my travels, I met quite a few races and starships that use "Metaforma" or " Mutaforma" ones.

      This concept, unfortunately, makes our vision quite antiquated. Etheric, Plasmatic and liquid or gaseus ships of this kind, do not meet the needs

      we have been looking for until now. Shells, allow to generate such a protectin evironement, that hardness is not required anymore. Rigidity, so,

      will turn to be a limit, more that an asset. Suspensions, are in fact our solution to a planar 2D world, that introduces 3D varables.

      We flattened down earth building cities, with tar and concrete, because of our stupidity. They are all laughing out there. 

      Plasmatic suspensions, are the next step. Let's go Air as soon as possible and enter flux dynamic interactive systems to move around.




    • June 27, 2018 7:11 PM CEST

      "Conscience Star Ship". This is a primitive ship, of course, but nevertheless, the first one you will ever attempt to create,

      and try one day, eventually, if you venture into space. Light as a bubble, floating in the void.... in some way, makes you feel

      loneliness to such an extent, that you will thank and welcome gladly any creature you will meet even if it has 14 legs, and keeps shaking its head

      from one side to another..... then, you will feel the vastity of creation and the misery of man.

      So, take care. Soul travellers might make it, but Starmen shall have to work hard to center their position within their heart,

      flow, mental harmony, presence and purity. I believe that a month at sea would help a lot. Meditation, pranayama, 

      and some time spent developing spiritual gifts, soul and arts to balance condition, insight, intuition and creativity.


      That's me taking a nap in my Starship. I know it's quite a tiny one, but it is the first I made, so don't laugh please.

      Jedi Simon



    • June 27, 2018 6:34 PM CEST

      So, this is the picture I took. The problem with us, is that we do not believe in Dragons nowadays, even if we know dinosaurs exist,

      and they do exist. I shot this picture from my "Star Ship Conscience". I made it in the shape of a Sephiroth. The easiest one we can think about.

      Bubbles of conscience, everywhere in the Multiverse. We look for ourselves all the time, that's why we call it UNI.... but verse, direction, flow,

      does not follow the path ego wants it to. Multiversal Conscience, goes far beyond our point of view.

      These are the remains of a Dragon, or some sort of Mutaforma Ship that was disabled.

      The Alien Craft you can see on the right side, is the one that was investigating and studying what happened.

      Once disabled, the Dragon Ship, stopped changing shape, whilst the other, even if parked on the ground, kept shifting.

      You don't need to add any comments to this, because I still do not believe in my multiversal eyes....

      and fortunately, I took some pictures for you, just in case you start going crazy too, if someday you see creatures,

      beings, etc.... etc... floating in the air... which is something that is going to happen to you in a short time.....


      I invited them, since you did not reply.


      So, now I understand that Orbs, should be primitive starships, which show inner conscience, instead of reflecting outer light or reflections.

      Orbs vibrate around 1/40000 to 1/100000 of a second. You will see them if you synchronize your strobo light on that frequency, if they are passing by.


      Jedi Simon






    • June 27, 2018 6:02 PM CEST

      This is what I was talking about. It is not a starship, but an Alien craft. This is going to shock you.

      Space Travellers and ExoExplorators shall meet all this, and much more.


      I must say, that I encountered a problem with Mutaforma, because of their shifting shape.

      Wet think about a particular structure, architecture, drawing, and stick to it.

      What about a shifting and alive one that keeps interacting with envoronement and changing shape?

      I was not able to hold such rapid transient encounter in mind, and a dozen pictures would not help.

      So, our materialistic position, has a limitation. It is quite disturbing from this point of view.

      We are still too stiff to exercise ourselves in the multiverse.

      But shall make it some day. We should try to enter the flux.

      Does anyone want to try to create a Transformer? Or a "Mutaforma"?


      Jedi Simon



    • June 27, 2018 5:43 PM CEST

      This is an internal view of a Far Traveller Starship. I guess you shall try to reverse engineer it. I tryed hard to regenerate it, but the most

      difficult part of it has been trying to create it in its environement; a transparent universe.

      It took me quite a few hours to work it out usyng equations, curves, and fractal artificial intelligence.

      No wonder, it is a wonder..... but some real ones, I assure you, do not look as nice as this one, in the real worlds....


      Jedi Simon



    • June 27, 2018 5:34 PM CEST
    • Humanized vision of a Far Traveller Starship. Internal view. This one has been corrected speaking about a chromatic perception problem we

      will meet in space, towards green or blue purple sides of the spectrum. It should look like this one downstairs. I saw quite a few of them.

      I am trying to regenerate memories and details. Took some pictures, but you are not ready for them. So we shall wait....


      Jedi Simon


    • June 27, 2018 5:28 PM CEST
    • This is a rendering of a "Far Traveller Starship". This is the internal image of the central core towards external worlds.

      Hope you like it. Positioning of reactors, is not a fixed one, although, resonant principle and size, distances, surface and measures, should create a resonant space.

      Merkhabah shows a double system. Two opposite systems, one into the other, merged on the same axis and spinning in opposite directions.

      Try to draw one. But remember that the cores should all spin, which makes 4 + 4 + top one + lower one + ship

      11 total spinning system, and it has to hold...... because it will shake........


      Jedi Simon


    • May 21, 2018 10:00 AM CEST
    • Well, I tried :)



    • May 18, 2018 1:42 PM CEST
    • In a few words. I have decided to use the following symbols: 
      + is field strength -  
      Purple is the direction of the magnetic field 
      yellow is the interaction between the bottom reactors 
      green is the barrier 

      I know it looks pretty simple and familiar but I think there is something to the Idea that Mr Keshe reviewed in the workshop again. What I understood is that if the center of the topmost reactor inner core has a + field strength and the bottom 3 reactors outer cores have higher, this will lead the fields to the direction of the weaker demanding core. 

      Also, in order for the 3 bottom reactors to have the needed interaction between themselves we follow the same principles and that is why they all have a difference in the outer core field strength so : ++; +++; ++++ and one+ field strength inside. 

      Another important element is that the barrier with a field strength of 6+ because it has to be stronger as well so that the fields from the bottom 3 reactors aim for the topmost reactor but continuously feedback bouncing from the barrier. 

      Maybe its not very well illustrated but we have to have a connection between the elements with corresponding materials. 

      I am still wondering how exactly to achieve different field strength with the same materials? Do we go by mass ratio or  ...?
      I`ll be very grateful for your comments to learn together. 

    • May 18, 2018 1:32 PM CEST
    • Hello peace family. I`ve decided to draw my understanding for the spaceship that came after the 224th KSW. 
      Here is it in humble understanding. 

    • May 29, 2018 8:11 PM CEST
    • In this your illustration the spinning part has coupled an electric motor to spin?

    • May 29, 2018 8:09 PM CEST
    • Before doing something so complex, it is important to fix the idea in the practice of plasma interaction.

      A simpler example must be worked out, whose demonstration may make theory a definite fact.

    • May 28, 2018 6:16 PM CEST
    • There are many videos in which the nuclear / plasma engineer sr. Keshe talks about the interaction of the gravitational magnetic field, which under given conditions are capable of moving an object, including levitating it.


      Is there any summary of the keshe foundation or some good soul in this forum, saying what I need to have to do a minimal experience in my house / yard to understand the principle of movement and levitation in practice?


      It could be a drawing, a simple video, explaining about the engineering part of this important discovery, achieved after much study and intelligence of mr. Keshe, whom I thank for sharing.



      Thank you and I count on your help.

    • May 12, 2018 6:06 PM CEST
    • Hi Scott,

      What is your timezone?


    • May 5, 2018 6:45 AM CEST
    • the point is to work on the fields only.

      multi-core plasma reactors are created by the interaction of similar strength fields. this is why mr. Keshe explained at the end of the 220th teaching about the the 6-sided capture kit with the metals and nc-cu.

      a new idea: lets use the magrav coil setup, but replace some of the wires with different metals.

      we need at least one nc-cu coil for the gravitational field, and the other three metals: cu, zn-fe and zn for the other coils.

      finally nc-cu plate or other nc plate for shielding from earth as baseline.

      next put the "empty" ball in the center.

      add some moisture generator in surrounding of the whole setup.


      the point is to have a strong 6-1 field in the ball, which when ready can be used as next base for scaffolding.

      indra's net, serpienski triangle...

    • May 4, 2018 8:41 PM CEST
    • I would be awesome if the ones that have designed and implemented multi-core gans reactors would share their designs here.

      No point in re-inventing the wheel when we can share.

      I am working on a setup myself, when I reach a working point, I will share mine here as well.



    • May 4, 2018 8:35 PM CEST
    • I think we all need a better understand of CH3 production as well as H3,H2,H, see my topic on this.

    • May 4, 2018 8:33 PM CEST
    • In our quest to produce a working GANS dynamic reactor whether for lift, creating material, or any other application, we must have a clear understand of the GANS we are creating and loading our reactors with.

      I really think very few, if any, of us fully understand how these different GANS come to exist.

      We know that combining certain nano coated metals with other metals in a salt water environment with a certain amount of current flow between the materials creates different GANS materials.

      We know  that using nano copper with non nano zinc with a small current flow between the two should produce C02 GANS.

      Why C02?

      Because we are creating the magnetic/gravitational field of carbon(C) which attracts the carbon from the environment and it combines with oxygen by some process I don't fully understand and becomes C02 and settles to the bottom of our container.

      Questions I have on this are as follows:

      1. why does the combination of nano copper and zinc produce the magrav of carbon(C) and how does it correspond with the atomic mass and number we understand from existing science?

      My understanding is that a nano material tends to have 15-20% less of the atomic mass of the matter material.

      The general atomic properties of matter copper(CU) are atomic number(29) and mass 63.546, zinc(ZN) (30) and 65.38, and carbon(C) (6) and 12.011.

      If you calculate the nano to be between 15-20% and subtract atomic numbers and mass, you do approximately get the carbon, probably 16-17% is closer so if this line of thought is correct, then this does appear to work.

      Now, with respect to CH3, this one I don't understand. We make it using the same procedure as C02, but instead of using a mono matter zinc, we use a zinc coated iron material which would mostly consist of iron or steal with a small layer of zinc.

      Again, I can see where the carbon comes from, but how do we get H3 from this process just by adding the iron?

      Where does the hydrogen come from in this and why is it H(3)?

      There is also no oxygen(O2) element to CH3 if it's just CH3.

      CH3,  as chemistry understands, is considered a radical hydrocarbon and is not usually found on it's own, but a product of other methanes like alcohos or ether...etc

      So how do we end up with CH3 from nano copper and zinc/iron matter material?

      This will lead into the extraction of H3, H2, and H we use in our dynamic reactors.

      In one of the last workshops, Mr. Keshe briefly mentioned that we must put our produced H3 GANS through another process after trying to extract the Carbon.

      This has not been explained and I have heard no questions on the why or how of this.

      I want to understand CH3 mainly so I can fully understand H3, H2, and H which are the key components in our reactors.

      If we are not creating these correctly we have to figure out why and how.

      I will create a new topic for this last part.